Surnames beginning with Af

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Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Af. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

af a-fah afair afaire afalo afanya afars afassiz afcote afdolphus afeld afeson affack affagard affagarum affaire affan affara affbeck affcote affcotet affebrigg affeck affecote affectati affection affeet affelanda affeld affeld' affelt affenden affenn affer afferley afferton' affete affeton affetone affetote affettata affiati affieck affifi affingdon affink affion affiotti afflack afflatt afflck affle afflech affleck afflecke affleck-graves afflect affleet afflek afflexck affley afflick afflyn affoard affolter affonso affoo afford afforte affortien affote affourtit affprd affram affrates affre affrete affron affton affys afialo afield afifi afif khan afinwala afkeswurtha aflalo aflatun afleck afleton aflett aflie aflionby aflpan afnew afoard afonso afoord aford afoumado afourede afrahan afri afriat africa african africanus africk africonder afridi afriffe afsur aftab aften after aftere aftmer aftner afton afton' afzal afzul

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