Surnames beginning with Fr

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Fr. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

fr fraag fraake fraas frabey frabri frabrough fraby frac' frace fracer fraces frachefort frachy fracie fraciotti frackeiss frackelton fracker frackiewicz frackleton fracklin fracknall fractis fracto fracxino fracy frad fradd fradelle fradeti fradgeley fradgley fradin fradis fradley fradsall fradsam fradsham fradsley fradsom fradwell fraed fraem fraenckel fraendorffe fraenkel fraenkel-froon fraenkl fraer fraetaniel fraevill' fraga fragal fragan fragar fragatt frage fragel frager fragett fraggett fraggott fragle fragley fragneau fragonard fragoso frags fraham fraher frahill frahm frahock frai fraidmauntel fraie fraigneau fraigneaus frail fraile frailes frailey frailing fraill fraime frain frain-bell frainces fraindemill fraine frainei frainet frainy fraire frairey frairy frais fraise fraisenet fraiser fraisinet fraisn fraisneto fraissinct fraissinet fraissinhes fraissmet fraissos fraiter fraitte fraiture fraizanborg fraize fraizer fraizie fraizier frake frakenho fraker frakerne frakes frakland frakn fraleigh fraley fralick fralley fram framack framain framall framantle frambley frambose framdy frame frameframpton framelade framelesworth framelingeham framelingham framelington framelyngham framen framer frameri framerie framery frames framesden frame-thomson framfr' framhein framie framighton framingeham framingham framisden framjee framji framlesworth framlingeham framlingham framlyn framlyngham frammall framme frammelode frammingham framnyngham framolan framond framopton framoton framow framp frampold frampon frampoton frampson frampton framptopn framroze framston framton framton' framway framyngham framynghamparva framysden framyton fran franah franaitis franc franc' franca francais francam francane francans francatelli franccam france francecase francefort france-hayhurst franceis franceis' francellon franceman france-miller francen francent francer francere france-roy frances franceschi francesco franceshire franceskine francesneto francess francesse france-stratton francetti franceur franceway francey franceys francez francfort franc franc franch francham franchard franche francheineto francheiney franchelein franchell francheman franchen franchenn' franches franchesneto franchesney franchetti franchevil franchevill franchevill' francheville franchi franchimmo franchini franchiotti franchiscie franchlin franchman franchom franchome franchomme franchotto franchow franchy franci francia francie francier francies francifena francigen' francigena francigene francillon francillor francington francini franciotti franciotty francis francisca francis-carter francischini francisci francis-clare francisco franciscono franciscus francis-fisher francis-jones francislow francisque franciss francissi francis-smith francis-williams franck franckam franckard franckart franckcom franckcum francke franckeiss franckel franckelain franckelein franckelen franckelin franckeling francken francker franckesney francketts franckewell franckford franckfort francki franckishe franckland francklande francklein franckleine francklen franckleyne francklin francklind franckline franckling francklinge franckll' francklow francklyn francklyne francklynn franckomb franckombe francks francksby francksen franckson francktn franckton franckum franckwell franckysshe francland francleyn franclin franclyn franco francois francoise francolanus francolein francolini francolino francom francomb francombe francome francon francona francony francorsi francos francote francourt francovich francovick francovitch francoys francplege francquefort francs francton francton' franctre francudi francuer francum francus francville francx francy francys frand frandall franddlich frander frandeston frandin frandji frandon frandonendi frandonyndy frandsen frane franel franes franesham franey franfield franfis frang frang' frangeleyn franger franghan franghia franghiadi frangingham frangini frangipani frangiscatos frangleton frangley franglyngh'm frangman frangopoulo frangopulo frangrose frangton frangwell franham franien franies franieys fran'ii franine franing franis franjling frank frank' frankal frankam frankan frankand frankarr frankau frankaum frank-best frankborowe frankcom frankcomb frankcombe frankcorn frankcott frankcour frankdalanza franke frankeby frankecom frankeden frankel frankelain frankelan frankelan' frankeland frankelano frankelant frankelanus frankelayn frankele frankelee frankelein frankeleye frankeleyn frankelin frankell frankel-pollen frankelton frankelund frankelye frankelyn frankelyne frankeman frankemayden franken frankena frankenberg frankenbergh frankenburg frankenbury frankenet frankenfeldt frankenne frankenny frankenstein frankensteins frankensten frankenthal frankenue frankerewe frankes frankesch' frankeswell franket franketon franketon' frankevill' frankewell frankfeld frankford frankford-moore frankfort frankfritt frankfull frankfurt frankham frankhau frankhom frankhum franki frankin frankine franking frankinstein frankis frankisch frankish frankishe frankiskos frankiss frankissh frankissheman frankithe frankjlin frankl franklaine franklan frankland franklands franklanf franklanmd franklans franklay franklayn franklayne frankle franklein franklen franklen-evans frankler frankleton frankley frankleyn frankleyne franklig franklim franklin franklin-adams frankline frankling franklinge franklingiles franklinn franklin-smith franklin-watson franklish frankliun franklnd frankl'nd franklun frankly franklyn franklyn-browne franklyne frankmet frankmore franknell franknoll frankom frankowski frankpett frankpit frankpitt frankpott frankrewe franks franksen frankshaw franksman frankson frankstein frankstone frankton frankum frankwell frankys frankysch frankysh frankysh' frankyshe frankyssche frankysse frankyssh frankysshe franland franlee franley franlin franna frano franque franquefort franquet franquier franquinet frans fransam franse fransella fransen fransen-vandeputte franses fransham franshamparva franshaw franshe fransia fransigina fransis fransisco franskin fransman fransom franson fransoys franss franssen fransson fransum fransus franswar fransworth fransys fransz frant frantem franter frantham franting frantlih frantlin franton franton' frantris frants frantum frantun franty frantyng frantz frantzen frantzman frantzmann franuser franville franxsham frany franyngham franynlan franyoni franz franza franze franzen franziloff franzman franzmann franzois franzoni franzowitz franzuz frapail frapaile frapayl frape fraperue frapling frapnell frapp frappel frappell frapple frapwell frarance frardoil frare frares frarey frari frarin frarinus frary fraryn fras frasar frasby frascara frasche frase frasen fraser fraser-brunner fraser-campbell fraser-harris fraser-hird fraser-james fraser-mackenzie fraser-mackintosh fraser-mitchell fraser-smith fraserstewart fraser-tytler frases frasey frash frashar frasher frasi frasicke fraside frasie frasier frasir fraske fraskini frasor frasr frass frasse frasser frast frasto frasure fraszer frat fratas fratchem fratel frater fraterman fraters frates fratford frathan frathen frathingham frathy fratinge fratingges fratis fratkin fratley fratman fratour fratre fratri fratribus fratrice fratson fratt fratten fratter fratur fratyng fratz frau'ces fraud frauel frauell frauell' frauenberger frauencurth frauenfelder frauenhofer frauenknecht frauenzimmer frauer fraughton frauham fraukener frauks fraula fraulds fraulo frauminton' fraun' fraunc frauncays fraunce fraunceis fraunceise fraunces frauncese frauncey fraunceye fraunceys fraunceyse frauncez fraunch frauncheays fraunchevaler fraunchevereth frauncis fraunck frauncke frauncketon frauncklyn frauncoys frauncs frauncton frauncus frauncys fraunday fraune fraunes fraunk fraunkcheynye fraunke fraunkeby fraunkehome fraunkehume fraunkelain fraunkelayn fraunkelein fraunkeleye fraunkeleyn fraunkelinge fraunkelyn fraunkes fraunkesnay fraunketon fraunkeuill' fraunkevill fraunkevill' fraunkfer fraunkhomme fraunkish fraunkleyn fraunkys fraunkyssh frauns fraunsard fraunsas fraunsays fraunse fraunser fraunses fraunseys fraunsham fraunshe fraunsis fraunsonne fraunt frauntenaunt fraunton fraunton' fraunzoun fraus frause frausham fravdenyng fravell fraver fravey fravezzi fravis fravlre fraw fraward frawardson frawe frawer frawesden' frawley frawnces frawnceys frawnclayn frawnclayne frawnk frawnses fraxin' fraxinet fraxinet' fraxinete fraxineto fraxinis fraxino fraxneto fray fraye frayell' frayer frayeren frayerman frayern frayle fraylen frayley frayling fraymouth frayn fraynce frayne fraynell' fraynssche fraynssh frayred frayry frays frayse frayser frayte frayter fraytour frayworth frazar fraze frazell frazer frazerharling frazer-hurst frazes frazey frazi frazie frazier frazill frazon frazor frbes frbrn frce frdaglay frderick frdericsn frderikson fre fr'e fre' frea freabody freach freacher freacker fread freageare freak freake freaker freakes freakingham freakleton freakley freaknall freaks fream freaman freame freamer freames freamntell freamntyll freams frean freanch freane freaney freanke freany frear freard freare freares frearey frearks frearle frearn frearne frears frearson freary freason freaston freate freater freath freathey freathy freaunlt freauvill freavill' freaz freaze freazor frebairn frebancke frebanke frebarfoot frebarn frebarne frebary frebault frebern frebern' freberne frebilcock frebodi frebody frebois freborn frebourne frebout freboys freboyse frebrun frebsham freburn freburs frebwell freby frec frecchenvill frece frecetur frech frechary freche frechenham frecher frecherevill' frechesleye frechet frechette frecheuill' frechevede frechevile frechevill frecheville frechevyle frechevyll frechfield frechin frechingh frechorn frechter frechvell frechvile frechvill frechville frecie freck freckelton freckenham frecker freckingham freckington freckleeton freckleson freckleston freckleton frecklinton frecklye frecknall frecknell freclenton frecleton frecneto freculton frecvheville fred fredan fredd freddi freddle freddman frede fredeman fredenberdge fredenburg fredenburgh fredenham fredera frederc fredercks frederego frederen frederic frederica frederich frederichs frederici fredericj frederick fredericke fredericks frederickse fredericksen frederickson fredericksson frederico frederics frederik frederiksen frederind frederks fredersdorff fredersdroff frederycke fredeshill fredeton fredewell fredgley fredgold frediami frediani frediksen fredin fredjohn fredlander fredlansky fredleswurtha fredman frednes fredoli fredreson fredric fredrichs fredrick fredricke fredricks fredrickson fredricson fredricx fredrief fredrik fredriks fredriksen fredrikson fredrkson fredryck fredsam fredsham fredson fredtrick fredureau fredzon free freeake freeamn freean freear freearch freeard freearr freears freebain freebairn freebairn-smith freebarn freebarne freeberg freeberne freeberry freebodie freebody freeborn freeborne freeborough freeborrow freebourn freebourne freebout freebrey freebridge freebrough freebruy freeburgh freeburn freeburne freeburrow freebury freeby freece freech freechman freed freeda freedanthal freedberg freedeberg freeden freedenthal freeder freedham freedkin freedland freedlander freedlands freedman freedmann freedoms freef freegard freegarde freegood freegrove freeguard freehan freeharry freehill freeich freeier freeing freejohn freek freeke freeker freekingham freel freelan freelance freeland freelands freelans freelden freele freelin freeling freelong freelont freelord freeloue freelove freely freem freemain freeman freeman-browne freeman-cowen freemand freeman-greene freemanheer freemanm freeman-mitford freeman-osborne freeman-pannett freemanpotter freemans freeman-smith freeman-taylor freemantel freemantell freeman-thomas freemantle freemar freemayr freeme freemen freemir freemlin freemn freem'n freem'nt freemolt freemont freemore freemouit freemoult freems freen freenantle freend freene freenee freeney freenne freent freenway freeon freer freer-ash freere freer-hewish freerks freermans freern freers freer-smith freerson freert frees freesby freese freese-pennefather freeson freeston freestone freestore freestun freet freetby freetch freetes freeth freethe freethy freetle freeton freetwell freeve freewin freewolla freex freeyberg freez freeze freezer freezor frefontaine freford freg fregarthen fregdost frege fregellas fregent freger fregerio freget fregheit freghra fregidgeon fregier fregleton freglinton freglynton frego fregonneau fregoso fregret fregrove fregtton fregusii frehaile freharne frehearn freher frehner frehock frehorn frehorne frei freias freiberg freiberger freiburger freicht freicke freid freidel freidenfeld freidenreich freidenson freidenthal freidin freidman freidmantel freidson freidus freiend freiensener freier freig freight freiglinton freigne freij freike freilich freilichman freilick freiligrath freill freillier freilund freiman freimann freimantel freimuller frein freind freinde freine freinely freineto freing freingham freiningham freinsenvill' freinsh freinshe freinshope freintz freir freire freire-marreco freis freisbye freise freisefeld' freisel freisell freisheim freisli freislich freismantel freismareis freismitt freissenvill' freistedt freiston freitag freitas freitel freiter freith freithorn freitmantell freitmauntel freitt freiwat freiy freize freizeit frejus frek freke frekeberg' frekeberne frekeberth' frekellyngton frekelton frekelton' frekelyngton frekenham frekent frekenton freker frekerghe freketon' frekilton frekinton freklay frekleton freklyngton frekylyngton freland frelandi frelder frelek frelich freligh freling frelison frellard frelle frelon frelond frelove frelsize freluf frelvar frelwurst fremain freman freman' fremannes fremanteel fremantel fremantell fremantill fremantle fremar fremasons fremat frembath frembaud frembly fremde freme fremeaux fremele fremelesworth fremeleswrth' fremell fremelund' fremelyngham fremen frementin fremer fremere fremersdorf fremerston fremery fremesham fremesworth fremet fremeville fremez fremhens fremigham fremin freming freminge fremingham fremings fremlen fremley fremlim fremlin fremling fremlly fremly fremlyn fremmgeham fremolt fremon fremond fremont fremorshem fremoult fremount fremp frempton fremsons fremund fremville fremyn fremyng fremynger fremyngham frenais frenaman frenansaustel frenay frenaye frenays frenc frence frencg french frencham frenchard frenchborne french-brewster frenche frencheboy frencheham frenchel frencheman frenchen frencher frenchfield frenchick frenchie french-lloyd frenchman frencht frenchum frenchwell frenchys frenck frencks frenctz frend frendberg frendde frende frendeless frendenberg frendenheim frendes frendesbert frendesbery frendesbury frendles frendo frendraght frendrawcht frendreich frends frendwike frene freneau freneford frener frenes freneshope frenestede freneto freneworth freney frenfie frenford freng frenge frengeham frengley frengningham frengrove frenh frenigham freningham freninglay freninham frenis frenk frenke frenkel frenket frenkian frenkiel frenkish frenkisse frenkissh frenkyssh frenkysshe frenlin frennan frenne frenneaux frennes frennett frenningham frenny frennyngham frennys freno frenos frenow frens frensam frensch frensche frense frensh frensham frenshaw frenshe frenshie frenshippe frenshman frenssch frenssche frenssh frensshe frensshye frenstede frent frenton frentz frentzel freny frenyngham frenz frenze frenzee frenzel freoman freome freon freond freotas freouf frepet frepp freppel frepurs frequaert frequet frer frer' frerbrasse frerch frercks frere frerebrother frere-cook frerehoff frerejean frerejeau frereman freremon frerepenfield frerer frere-reeves freres freresman frereson freret frerich frerichs frericks frerickse frerigges frerin frerk frerks frerman frermon frero frerot frerra frerre frers frersom frerson frery frerys fres fres' fresale fresam fresapanis fresbee fresby freschebrede freschenay freschenevile frescheneville freschenvill freschenvill' freschet frescheved freschevill freschevill' frescheville freschevyle freschlake freschobaldo freschvile freschville fresco frescobaldi frescobaldis fresco-corbu frescopp frescyng fresdington frese freseby fresedeer freseder freseil freseill fresel fresel' freselai freseleye freselicque fresell fresell' fresenevill' fresengfeld freser freseu fresevill' fresfeild fresfihs fresfish fresfissh fresfys fresgwater fresh fresham fresharing freshe freshelake freshelegh freshell fresher fresheseud fresheued fresheved freshfeild freshfield freshfields freshfishe freshford freshfueld freshman freshmat freshney freshvile freshvill freshville freshwater freshwatter freshyngfeld fresich fresill fresin fresingefeld fresingefeud fresingfeld fresinghey freskebek freskena freskenade freskenay freskeneie freskeney freskeneye freskenvill' freskevill' freskewatere fresknay freskyn freslew fresley freslove fresman fresnada fresnay fresne fresneau fresneda fresnei fresner fresnes fresnet fresney fresnil fresnock fresnot fresnoy fresnye fresolle freson fresonevill' fresquet fress fressange fressanges fresse fressel fresselicque fresseligne fresselique fressell fressenade fressenden fressenede fresseneuill' fressenneuill' fressenuill' fressenvill' fressenville fresser fresseued fressevede fressh fresshe fresshefissh fresshelay fressheryng fresshese fressheued fresshfissh fresshyncourt fressigot fressilicque fressilique fressingfeld fressingfeud fresslique fresson fressor fresstone frest frested frestelyng fresteng frester fresthorp fresthorpe fresting frestingfeld' frestinthorp frestling frestlyng frestlynge freston frestone frestorp frestun fresw'c freswell fresyngfeld fresyngfelde fret freta fretby fretcher fretcheville fretchewell fretchvile fretchvill fretchville fretchvyle fretchwell fretebred fretecoc fretecok fretegost freteham fretemone freten fretenham' fretepere freter freteswell fretewell fretewell' fretewelle freth fretham frethe frethebek fretheby frethem fretherne frethethorn frethey frethorn frethorn' frethorne frethorp frethowan frethoxe frethsome frethy frethyng frethyngham fretigny freton freton' fretone fretonham fretor fretorn' fretsam fretsfish fretsome fretson fretson-smith fretswell fretsz frett fretten fretter frettere frettewell frettewell' fretting frettingham fretton fretts frettwell fretun fretweell fretwell fretwelle fretwill fretwurst fretz freuadal freud freudemacher freudenberg freudenberger freudenfeld freudenfels freudenheim freudenreich freudenstein freudenthal freudenthall freudentheil freudestary freudeuthal freudiger freudo freue freuer freuil freuillart freuler freuller freun freund freund-corvin freundlich freundt freungham freur freurs freusele freutel freuter freutrer freuwar' freuyt frevel frevell freverton frevil frevile frevill freville frevillian frevillier frevillies frevilliez frevines frevit frevyl frevyle frevyll frevylle frevyt frew frewat frewd freweek freweeke frewell frewella frewellyn frewen frewen-laton frewer frewerd frewern frewey frewick frewile frewin frewing frewings frewman frewn frewster frewun frewyk frewyn frewyne frexmere frey freyberg freyberger freyburg freyd freydanck freye freyenhagen freyer freyett freyhan freyle freylon freymann freymantell' freymauntel freymuth freyn freynd freynde freyndenn freyne freynes freyney freyng' freyns freynsce freynse freynsh freynshe freynssche freynsshe freyre freys freysarde freysby freysel freysell freyser freysick freyson freyssinet freyst freystadt freystedt freyster freytag freyte freyterer freyth freytmauntel freytorie freyts freytun freyus' freyvogel freywer freze frezell frezer frezine frezinskey frezivant frezou frezull frfoot frial friander friant friar friard friardel' friarmilne friars friary frias friauel fribbance fribbans fribbens fribbins fribble fribens friberg fribi fribohrn fribois friborg fribourg friboys friburg friburgh fribus friby fric fricake fricary fricas frice frich friche frichely frichemerssh frichet frichett frichs frichville frick frickall fricke frickel frickeley frickeleye frickell frickely frickenhaus fricker frickers frickes frickey fricklebank frickleton frickley fricklinger frickly fricklye fricknal fricknall frickney fricks frickwrst fricnave fricoun fricour fricte frid frid' frida fridag fridai fridaistorp' fridaistrate fridaistrete fridaithorp fridaitorp fridas friday fridaystrate fridaystreet fridaystrete fridaythorp fridaythorpe fridd friddy fride frideberg frideistorp' frideistrete fridel fridelesha' fridenberg fridenburgh friderich friderici frideswide frideswyda frideswyde fridey fridge fridges fridgley fridh fridh' fridhill fridinger fridjhon fridjohn fridkeen fridlander fridlender fridlewsky fridlin fridlington fridman fridole fridrick fridy frie friead frieake frieakes frieath friebe frieber frieberg friebois frieburg friecelicke fried friedberg friedberger friedburg friede friedeberg friedebergh friedeberg-seeley friedelberg frieden friedenberg friedenborg friedenburgh friedenhain friedenstein friedentag friedenthal friederich friederichs friederici friedericks friederii friedgut friedhauf friedheim friedhoff friedl friedlaender friedland friedlander friedlansky friedlauder friedleben friedlein friedler friedlieb friedman friedmann friedner friedrich friedrichs friedrichsen friedrick friedrickorn friedricks friedrig friedson friefeld frieke frieks frieksn friel frieland frielend frielinghans frielinghaus friell friels frieman friemd friend friendkirk friendly friendr friends friendship friendshp friend-smith friene frienor friens frier friere frieren friers frierson friery fries friesback friesby friese friesen frieser friesh frieshfield friesland frieslieb friesman friesmn friesner friess frieste frieston frieth friett frievill friez friezard frieze friezer friffen friffiths frifolc frifolk frifolk' frift frig frig' frigad frigarthen frigby frigel frigell frigerio frigg friggell friggens friggieri friggins friggle friggs fright frigid' frigley frignal frignall frignell frigone frigot frigoun frigout frihardel friheby friher frihorne friis frijs frike frikelay frikeley frikell frikelton frikenay frikere frikley friland frilborn frileford frilend frilende frilesore frilfull frilick frilie friling frill frillard frillay frillcott frille frilley frilling frillok' frilsnape frim friman frimareis frimbaud frimbley frimbling frimbly frimby frime frimeley frimell frimen frimley frimlin frimmer frimneby frimo frimptone frimston frimstone frinan frinch frind frinde frinder frinding frindle frindley frindship frineby fringar fringe fringer fringham fringnell frings frinick frink frinkish frinlei frinneby frinniby frinnick frinsel frinsham frions friou frip fripp fripp-androutzos frippe fripper fripperer fripping fripps fripyear friquet frirks friron fris frisa frisar frisbe frisbee frisbek frisber frisbey frisbie frisbourg 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frisselu frisshelane frisshley frist fristar fristedt fristeling fristellyng fristelyng frister fristerlyng fristiam fristlyng fristlynge friston friston' fristona fristone fristonman fristune friswell friswold frisyngfeld frisynghall frit fritag fritch fritchard fritche fritchel fritcher fritchett fritchie fritchley fritchly fritein frith frithbank frithe frithebank frithebek fritheby frither fritherne frithley friths frithsent frithuwi friton friton' fritsch fritsche fritschler fritswell fritt frittam frittelvitz fritter fritton fritwell fritz fritzchild fritze fritzgerald fritzinger fritzpatrick fritzsche fritzsimmons friubern friuel friuile friuill friuill' friuull frivel frivell friver frivers frivil frivile frivill frivill' friville frivull frivyle frivyll friwalt frixton frixton' frixtone friz frize frizea frizel frizelk frizell frizella frizelle frizen frizer frizier frizile frizill frizle frizon frizrll frizwell frizzel frizzell frizzelle frizzle frmin frmptn frnace frnacis 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