Surnames beginning with Lo

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Lo. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

lo loach loachinu loacke load loadder loade loaden loadenberrington loadenn loader loades loadley loadman loadon loads loadsman loadstone loadwick loady loaes loafield loafler loage loaghrie loah loak loake loakes loakier loakland loakman loaks loakyer loakyn loal loam loames loan loane loanes loanie loansdale loar loard loarder loardon loareing loares loaring loarks loarridge loasby loassey loat loate loaten loates loath loather loathis loathley loaton loats loavall loaving loaweris loayes loayre lob loban lobanow-rostovsky lobato lobatt lobatto lobauld lobb lobba lobban lobbatt lobbe lobbeck lobben lobbenberg lobbet lobbett lobbey lobbit lobble lobbock lobbridge lobbtt lobbuck lobby lobbys lobdale lobdell lobden lobdon lobe lobeck lobeho lobel lobell lobella lobenau lobendahn lobenham lobenhoffer lobenstein lobenstine lobente lobenthal lober lobergan lobering lobers lobertius loberto lobertorp lobery lobestorp lobet lobetius lobett lobeux lobey lobez lobgeois lobier lobill lobille lobinsky lobiry lobjoit lobjoy lobkirk lobkowitz lobl loblay loblaye loble lobley lobleye loblie lobnitz lobo lobogie lobowa lobraico lobridge lobrot lobrott lobsband lobsbond lobsey lobson lobstein lobster lobuck lobursaght loburshagh lobveday lobven lobwell loby lobyas loc loc' locaham locan locar locarbie locard locard' locarda locardo locas locatelli locatt locby locc loccard locck locckesleye loccoe loccombe loccome loccoram loccum loccumbe loceday locen locffler locfinder locfinther loch loch' lochard locharde lochart loche lochead loched lochee lochee-bayne lochen lochenies locher locherbie locherd locherest locherson lochery loches lochett lochey lochhart lochhead lochie lochiell lochier lochison lochlan lochland lochlani lochleane lochlein lochley lochmalony lochman lochmann lochmere lochmolony lochmore lochmuller lochnar lochneill lochner lochon lochore lochque lochran lochrane lochray lochrie lochrin lochris lochsuethi lochtay lochtie lochton lochum lochwood locin locingdon locj locjkwood locjwood lock locka lockabie lockae lockall lockam lockarbie lockard lockarmouth lockart lockavitch lockay lockbeare lockburne lockcocke lockcoe locke lockead lockear lockeatt lockeby lockecowe lockee lockeed lockeir locke-king lockeles lockeley lockeleya lockell lockeman locken lockens locker lockeram lockerbe lockerbey lockerbie lockerbre lockerby lockerde lockere lockeridge lockerie locker-lampson lockerley lockerleye lockerly lockerman lockers lockerson lockert lockery lockes lockesberwe lockesegg lockesl' lockesley lockesleya lockesleye lockesmith lockesmythe lockesore lockeston lockestone locket locketcumbe lockett lockett-ford locketts lockewod lockewode lockewood lockewoode lockey lockeyear lockeyer lockfeild lockham lockhar lockhard lockhart lockhart-digges lockhart-jervis lockhartmacdonald lockhart-mummery lockhart-ross lockharts lockhead lockheaf lockheart lockhere lockhouse lockhrt lockhuet lockhurst lockie lockier lockies lockin locking lockinge lockington lockinson lockinton lockit lockitt lockkey lock-king locklan lockland locklery lockless locklet lockley locklin lockling lockly lockman lockmann lockmore locknane lockner lockney locknr lockoe lockong lockor lockord lockow lockpenner lockrane lockrell lockrem lockrey lockridge locks locksley locksmith locksmyth lockson lockspeiser lockston lockstone locktae locktin lockton lockup lockward lockwell lockwod lockwode lockwoo lockwood lockwood-bunce lockwoode lockwood-marsh lockwort lockwyer locky lockyart lockye lockyear lockyeir lockyer lockyere lockyerr lockyes lockyey lockyn lockzier locl loco locock lococke locock-webb lococo locok locoke locombe locome locon locotella locquet locres locrys locsmyth locsuethi locter locton locton' loctone loctun locum locumbe locurto locust locusteano locutello locwell' locwode locy locye locyn locynfeld lod loda lodan lodar lodax lodborough lodbroc lodbroc' lodbroch lodbrok lodbrok' lodbroke lodd lodde loddecote loddelouwe loddelowe lodden lodder lodders loddesdone loddest loddey loddick loddie loddiges loddington loddiswell l'oddo loddor loddy loddyngton lode lodebroc lodebroch lodebrok lodebroke lodebrouc' lodebure lodebury lodeford lodeford' lodegares lodegarshale lodegereshale lodegershale lodeham lodehywysch lodekyn lodelalbe lodelaw lodelawe lodeleye lodell lodelow lodelowe lodeman lodemore loden lodenay lodene lodeneford lodenes lodeneye lodenham lodenstein loder lodere loderford loders loder-symonds lodertorre lodes lodesbiri lodesbur' lodesbury lodesdon lodesman lodesmor lodeswille lodesworth lodewell lodewick lodewik lodewik' lodewyck lodewycke lodewyk lodewyke lodewylle lodfge lodford lodgate lodge lodge-patch lodger lodges lodgingham lodgington lodgkinson lodgman lodgwick lodhe lodholz lodi lodie lodier loding lodinge lodingius lodington lodingtone lodinton lodiswille lodland lodlawe lodlay lodlowe lodman lodmer' lodmore lodne lodnes lodngton lodo lodolewe lodolowe lodore lodovick lodowick lodowicke lodowike lodowski lodr' lodres lodrick lodrigos lodrone lodryngton lodsden lodur loduwyke lodwalle lodwell lodwich lodwick lodwicke lodwicks lodwidge lodwigg lodwik lodwix lodwyk lody lodyard lodye lodyeor lodyngton lodyngtone lodynton lodyswille loe loeb loebeck loebel loebell loebenstein loeber loebermann loebl loebury loechner loecker loeder loedolff loef loeff loeffe loeffel loeffelholz loeffler loeffler-malempre loefs loegardt loege loehlein loehman loehnberg loehner loehnis loehr loeing loek loeke loekwood loeky loel loelfs loelock loeloftus loeman loeme loen loene loens loensius loer loere loeren loerenc loereng loereng' loers loes loesa loesch loescher loeschman loeschmann loesecke loeser loesfren loess loeter loether loets loetschert loetshert loett loetz loeven loever loevinsohn loewald loewe loewel loewen loewenberg loewenfeld loewenfield loewengard loewengart loewenheim loewensberg loewenstark loewenstein loewenthal loewenthau loewi loewinsohn loewood loewy loewys lof lofan lofardo lofberg lofday lofdey lofe lofede lofehouse loff loffam loffatt loffe loffegrove loffell loffelt loffenham loffershow loffet loffgrien loffhagen l'official loffier loffill loffit loffkin loffland loffler loffman lofft loffthus loffting loffwyk loffwyke loffyn lofgran lofgreen lofgren lofham lofield lofkovits lofland lofley lofling lofly lofourd lofoze lofredo lofs lofstock lofstonescherch loft lofta loftas loftass loftay loftbouse loftbridge loftden lofte loftee loftehouse loftehoweses loftehowse loften lofter lofters loftes loftey loftgreen lofthagen lofthous lofthouse lofthouses lofthousestorey lofthowhes lofthows lofthowses lofthus lofthus' lofthuse lofthusun loftie loftile loftin lofting loftis loftley loftman lofton loftous loftouse loftre lofts loftscales loftstadt loftus loftus-tottenham loftwick lofty loftys lofuengren lofus lofven lofvenstrom lofwyk' log log' logain logalis logall logam logan loganadan loganayagam logane logan-home loganimoce logan-logan logans logar logarde logartwood logas logay logden logdon logdy loge logee logegode logen logentt logeois loger logerby loges logette logewardyn logeye logg loggaine loggan loggane loggans loggare logge loggen logger loggere logges loggett loggey logghere loggie loggiery loggin logging logginge loggins loggis loggon loggore loggouere loggovere loggs loggyn logh logh' loghades loghan loghane loghanroe loghill loghlan loghlen loghlin loghton logic logie logier login logins loginsky logis logitch logner logoil logon logor logore logorre logos logotte logoun logour logrand logres logsdail logsdaill logsdale logsdell logsdon logston logu logue logur logwardyn logwood logy logyn loh lohage lohan lohana loharenc lohareng loharty lohaut lohcreyn lohden lohe loheit lohend' loher loherein loherenc lohereng lohereng' loheyde lohfinck lohier lohir lohlein lohles lohman lohmann lohmeier lohmeyer lohmeyr lohning lohnstein lohoar lohoff lohold loholt lohost lohoud lohout lohr lohren lohrenz lohrmann lohse lohuizen lohyac loibl loid loie loiel loifer loighnan loilla loin loines loing loingmore loingny loins loinsworth loinvy loinz loir loirboad loird loire loiritz loiseau loisel loiseleor loiseleur loiselle loiselur loish loisius loisn loison loisooz loissa loistoir loit loitestre loith loituna loizeaux loizides loizou lojington lok lok' loka lokander lokapathy lokard lokare lokart lokas lokcart lokcombe loke lokear lokece lokecok lokedon lokeham lokeharm lokele lokene lokenhand lokenor lokenton loker lokerde lokere lokermeuse lokermous lokermouse lokermouth lokeryche lokeryn lokeryng lokes lokeslay lokeslee lokesley lokesleye lokesmith lokesmyth lokesmythe lokesor' lokestone lokeswurde loket loketon loketoun lokett lokeville lokewell lokewod lokewode lokewood lokey lokeyer lokezerd lokford lokha lokhandvala lokhart lokhawe lokhey lokie lokier lokiere loking lokington lokinton lokinton' lokismith lokke lokkemouth lokker lokkert lokkes lokkesle lokkesley lokkesleye lokkey lokkyng loklande lokley lokman lokoc lokoo lokrik lokryg lokrymose lokrymus loks loksmith loksmyght loksmyth lokson lokton lokubanda lokusley lokwell lokwod lokwode lokwood loky lokyar lokyas lokyear lokyer lokyere lokyn lokyngfeld lokyngton lokyngtona lokyngtone lokyns lokynton lokyntone lokyton lolan lole loleworth loley lolfthouse lolham lolie lolimer lolinston lolinton lolke lolkesbergh loll lollam lolland lollar lollard lollay lolle lollebrok lolleham lolleman lollepeke lolleseye lollesforde lollesworth lolleswrd lollett lollevirne lolleworth lolleworth' lolley lollham lolli lolling lollinton lolly lollye lollynton lolme lolmede loloitte loloyer lolstley lolsty lolt lolte loltey loltgen lolton lolworth loly lolyey lolymer lolyngton lom lom' loma lomack lomaglio lomaine lomalx lomam loman lomand lomans lomar lomare lomarie lomas lomase lomasney lomasneys lomasny lomasreade lomas-walker lomat lomath lomaux lomax lomaxe lomaz lomb lomb' lomba lombad lombard lombarde lombardestret lombard-hobson lombardi lombardine lombardini lombardo lombards lombardus lombart lombe lombeart lomber lomberd lombere lombermont lombert lombery lombey lombford lombii lombley lombo lombos lombrd lomby lome lomeer lomeherst lomehurst lomeir lomelay lomeley lomeleye lomelino lomelinus lomellai lomellino lomellyn lomely lomelyn lomen lomene lomenour l'omeny lomenye lomer lomere lomerton lomes lomesden lomet lomeyer lomezate lomfier lomgard lomherde lomherste lomheth lomhethe lomhl lomicke lominhou lominiski lominska lomion lomir lomitz lomkyn lomlay lomlaye lomle lomley lomleye lomlich lomlino lomly lomlyn lomm lommas lommax lommeclogh lommelyn lommerin lommerse lommey lommis lommons lomnas lomnax lomner lomney lomng lomnitz lomnor lomnour lomon lomond lomonosoff lomonossoff lomos lomouth lomox lomp lompard lompe lompech lompesone lompne lomport lomsdale lomsdane lomun lomus lomuth lomvade lomynor lomynour lomynsur lomynur lomys lomysden lon lon' lonaco lonagan lonappan lonarata lonard lonargan lonargin lonargon lonary lonas lonbere lonberg lonbert lonby loncarty loncastell loncaster loncastre lonch lonchamps lonche lonck loncke lonclare lond lond' londaff londall londay londcrafte londe londe' londebrok londele londeley londen londenestone londenstone londer londergan londers londers'n londerthorp londery londes londesborough londesdale londeshamme londey londham londhe londhea londi londic londie londinoys londisdale londisdall londish londley londmoys londod london london' londonderry londondin londone londones londoneston londonestone londoneys londonia londoniar' londoniens' londoniensi londoniensis londoniis londonis londonsen londonstone londors londos londour londoy londr' londra londree londreford londrefort londres londrigan londris londs londsbro' londsdale londsop londun londunning londwell londy londye londys lone loneberg loneck lonecok lonedale loneday lonee lonegan lonegarstone loneherst lonehyve loneland loneley loneleye lonelich lonelock lonelynch lonelyth lonemun lonen lonende loneney loneon lonep loner loneragan loneragen loneray lonerd lonergan lonerghan lonerour lonershale lones lonesburgh lonesdal' lonesdale lonesdall lonesford lonespe lonet loneto lonewade loneworth loney loneye loneys lonf lonfa lonfordi long long' longa longair longan longard longardan longart longaspat longast longathom longavensac longavergine longavilla longay longbach longbarg' longbeard longberewe longbergh longbery longbolt longbone longbones longborn longborne longbotehom longbotham longbothame longbothom longbothome longbotm longbotom longbottam longbottom longbottoms longbotttom longbourn longbourne longbred longbridge long-brown longbttm longbttom longburn longcake longcamp longcaster longcastle longcastre longchamp longchamps longchaump longcluse long-collins longcraft longcroft longcrot longdail longdale longdall longday longdean longdell longden longdendale longdett longdew longdill longdin longdn longdon longdone longdon-griffiths longdoun longdown longdson longdun longe longeake longebak longebarg' longeberg' longeberge longebotham longebothom longebrid longebrug longechamp longechaump longed longedane longeden longedon longedon' longedone longee longeespee longefeld longefeud longeford longeford' longeforde longefort longehorne longehurst longel' longelay longele longelegh longeleie longeley longeleya longeleye longeleys longelond longeman longemer longemo longemon longemorle longen longen' longener longeney longeneya longeneye longenholre longenknyf longenolr longenolre longenore longent longepere longer longerhug longerich longeridge longeroft longeruge longes longesby longesdale longesdon longesfrith longesoc longesp longespe longespee longespeia longespey longespeye longest longestoc longestok longeston longestowe longestratton longet longeton longetot longetr longetre longeuileres longeuilers longeuill' longeviell longevile longevilers longevill longeville longevillers longevull longevylle longewell longewich longewill longewod longewode longewood longeworth longewricthe longf longfellow longfellow-cooper longfellowe longfiedd longfield longfils longflands longfold longfoot longford longforde longforlong longfort long-fox longfueld longg longge longgoveye longgus longh longhals longhalse longham longhead longhed longheed longheland longhenbury longher longherne longhhurst longhi longhill longhoam longhope longhorn longhorne longhran longh'rst longhurst longhurste longhurt longhust longi longin longine longinito long-innes longino longinoto longinotto longinus longis longister longjohn longkey longlade longlambe longlan longland longlandd longlands longlas longlay longle longlea longlee longleg longlegh longleghe longley longley-cook longlond longlonde longly longmaid longmain longmale longman longmate longmead longmer longmere longmet longmiad longmile longmira longmire longmoe longmoor longmoore longmor longmore longmour longm're longmue longmuir longmure longnell longnett longneuf longneville longney longneye longnor longnoville longo longocampo longoe longoill longoill' longold longolen longolius longoluit longonforde longood longoponte longoprato longovado longovico longpre long-price longrain longrdge longreen longrege longridg longridge longridhe longrig longrigg longrigge longrove longrugg longrye longs longscaffd longschagh longsdal longsdale longsden longsdon longsdons longsdorf longsha longshagh longshaw longshawe longshein longsher longskyn longslow longs'nd longson longsond longspe longspee longspeye longspy longstable longstaf longstafe longstafeward longstaff longstaffe longstands longstar longstea longstein longster longst'ff longstock longstoff longston longstone longstoun longstowe longstraat longstraw longstreet longstreeter longstreeth longstreth longstrip longstroth longsutton longsword longsworth longthorn longthorne longthorp longthorpe longthre longthrp longt'n longtoft longton longtre longtree longtrey longu' longue longuehay longuehaye longueil longuemare longuergine longuert longuest longuet longuet-higgins longuett longueuil longuevegne longuevergne longuevergue longueverhine longueverne longuevill longueville longuilers longuillers longuir longuivill longun longureay longury longus longust longveldt longvile longvilers longvill longville longvillers longvilleur longvillier longvyle longvyll longwad long-waithman longware longwathe longwel longwell long-whitfield longwill longwinter longwith longwood longworth longworth-dames longworth-krafft longworthy longy longyear longyears longyer longyers lonheld lonhurst lonie lonier lonigan lonindine loning lonis lonisa lonison lonker lonkester lonkfordyn lonkyn lonmay lonmenstre lonmon lonn lonne lonnegren lonnen lonnergan lonnesdale lonney lonneys lonnie lonning lonnisdale lonnon lonnsborough lonnsbrough lonnsdaile lonny lonnys lonnysburgh lonon lonondey lonorgan lonoy lonpope lonpre lonquest lonquesty lons lonsada lonsade lonsbro' lonsbrough lonsdaile lonsdal lonsdale lonsdale-cooper lonsdalelongstaff lonsdall lonsdayle lonsddale lonsdell lonsden lonsdfale lonsdill lonsdle lonse lonseds lonseford lonsem lonsfynch' lonsley lonsmury lonsone lonst lont lonteley lontham lontin lonton lonvilers lony lonyay lonych lonyne lonyng lonysdale lonyson lonzada lonzardo lonzelle lonzen loo loobb looben loobey loobliner loobridge looby loochin loock loocke loocker loockerman loockuet loocock lood looden looder loodge loodman loodmer loods looe looes looey loof loof' loofborrow loofe loofield looft loog looga looge looghton look lookcok looke looken looker lookes lookham lookhart lookie looking lookison lookle lookup lookyer loom looman loomans loomb loomba loombe loombes loombs loome loomer loomes loomey loomis looms loon loonam loone looney loong loonie loonne loonney loons loony loop loope loopes loophard loopk loopmans loorde loore loos looscan loose loosean looseley loosely looseman loosemoore loosemor loosemore loosen loosena looser loosermore loosey loosfelt looskan loosle loosleley loosley loosmoor loosmore loostermans loot lootee lootens lootfoot looth lootherington looton loots loouefskoy loove loovell loover looveren loovern looyd looze loozen lop lopacki lopas lopatnikoff lopaz lopchitz lopdale lopdel lopdell lope lopell lopenford loper loperena loperigge lopers lopert lopes lopesz lopey lopez lopez-garcia lopez-y-munoz lopham lophom lopiak lopin lopinton' lopitt lopo lopouchin lopp loppage loppam loppe loppedell loppedell' loppeham lopper loppeshed loppethorne loppez loppham loppington loppus loppwynche lopresti lops lopslie lopt lopthorn lopus lopy lopyn lopynton lopynton' loqette loquet loquharte loquingon loquire lorack lorado loragan lorain loraine loraine-grews loraine-smith lorains lorain-smith loram lorame loramer loran lorance lorand lorane lorang lorange l'orange lorani loranie loranq lorant loras lorawnce lorayn lorback lorbatour lorbatur lorber lorberg lorby lorcaine lorcey lorch lorchin lorchon lorchoun lorchyn lorciaco lorck lorcombe lord lorda lordan lordaw lordbrook lorde lordegrove lordell lorden lorder lording lording-hood lordman lordmander lordon lordonner lordonny lords lordwell lordwyn lordwyne lordygrene lordyng lordynge lore lorea lorechun lorecoc lorecote loredan loredano loreday loree lore'g lorein loreine loreing lorekin lorekyn loreland lorell lorelli lorem loremar loremer loremnz loren lorena lorenc lorence lorenco lorene loreng loreng' lorenge lorengem lorenger loreni loreniz lorenne loreno lorens lorense lorensen lorenson lorent lorenthal lorents lorentson lorentz lorentzen lorentzn lorenz lorenza lorenzato lorenzen lorenzey lorenzi lorenzo lorenzowich lorenzu lorequin loreria lorescham loret loretan lorette loretto loret-vermeersch loretz lorey loreyn loreyne lorez lorfeue lorfeuer lorfevere lorford lorgab lorgans lorgen lorges lorgis lorgue loria loriaco loriane loricote loridan loridge lorie loriens loriere loriero lorieux lorigan lorige lorill lorillard lorilleux lorima lorimar lorimar' lorimarius lorime lorimer lorimer-birch lorimeri lorimer-marshall lorimier lorimor lorimore lorin lorinan lorineir loriner loring loringe loringes loringson lorinson lorio loriol loriot lorison loriston loriston-clarke lorit lork lorkan lorke lorken lorker lorkew lorkin lorkine lorking lorkington lorkins lorkyn lorkynes lorkyng lorman lormar lorme l'orme lormener lormer lormier lormont lorn lornax lorne lorner lorney lorni lornie lorns loroch loromore loron loroone loroque lorpean lorphelin l'orphelin lorphlyin lorrack lorraie lorraigne lorrain lorraine lorrain-smith lorrayne lorrell lorreman lorren lorrendo lorrenge lorrette lorrey lorrie lorrillard lorriman lorrimar lorrimer lorrimore lorriner lorring lorringe lorrington lorrison lorrizot lorrizzos lorrlman lorrod lorry lorryman lorrymer lorrymere lorsch lorse lorson lort lortand lortaud lortd lorte lortebrok lorteen lortemere lorter lorth lorthe lorther lorthone lorti lortiaco lortian lortie lortimere lortin lortina lorton lort-phillips lortscher lort-williams lorty l'orty lortye lorum lorven lorwell lorwill lorwynch lorwynche lory lorye loryman lorymar lorymer lorymman loryn loryne loryng lorynge los losa losach losack losada losanday losasso loscean losch loscho loschulder losco losco-bradley loscoe loscom loscomb loscombe loscorte loscot loscumb loscumbe lose losebie loseby losecamp losecke losee loselay losely losemann losen loser losergan loseros loses loseward losewit losewitz losey loseye losgert losh loshak loshe loshuck losinga loska loskan loskefford loskersford loskesford loskin loskoczynski loskowe losland losley losner losnes losokoff loson losone losow losowska losowsky losquyt losreys loss lossack lossberg losscher losse lossegrave lossek losseland losselande lossells lossels lossett lossey losshert lossie lossing lossingham lossins lossiter lossiueux lossley lossock lossom losson lossos losst lost lostak lostan lostane loste l'oste l'oste-brown lostede lostell lostford losthous l'ostle lostmer lostoc lostock lostok lostoke lostolla lostquyt lostunte lostwoen lostwythy lostwythyel losty losward loswby losz lot lotall lotam lotan lotarengus lotaringus lotbiniere lotbroc lotchard lotchford lotchison lotcho lote l'ote lotegare lotegareshale lotegarsal lotegarshale lotekeden lotekyn loteman loten lotench lotenhurst loter loterel loterell loterelle loterford loterhounte loterich loterich' loteriche loterington loterworth lotery loterych loteryman lotesham lotey lotfallah lotfy loth lothafeld lothain lothale lotham lothar lothberye lothbridge lothbury lothe lotheberi lotheberie lothebery lothebrok lothebyri lothehom lotheim lotheisen lothelby lothen lothenale lotheni lother lotherby lotherington lotherton lothes lothewik' lothewy lothewyk lothian lothian-small lothiem lothier lothill lothin lothing lothiniere lothis lothman lothmn lothna lothnghm lothome lothouwer lothrenton lothria lothrington lothrngtn lothrop lothrope lothropp loththeplough lothum lothyer lotimer lotin lotinga lotinga-luck 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loyury loyville loza lozana lozano loze lozell lozen lozeron lozey lozier lozina lozinan lozing lozon lozover lozyng lozzell

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