Surnames beginning with Ov

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Ov. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

ovadia ovaise ovak oval o'vale ovalle ovam ovan ovanden ovander ovando ovane ovanessoff ovans ovant ovar ovara ovare ovarius ovatt ovazza ove oveatt oved ovedale oveden ovedo oveerton ovehall oveicy ovel oveline ovell ovellin ovelnain oven ovenall ovenan ovenbury ovence ovendale ovenden ovender ovendon ovendons ovene ovenell ovenger ovens ovenstn ovenst'ne ovenston ovenstone ovensun oventon oventraut over over' overa overal overall overan overance overand overay overback overbec overbeck overbecke overbeck-wright overbeech overbeek overbek overbeke overberrie overberry overberucke overbery overbridge overbroke overbur' overbury overburye overby overbye overcome overdale overde overden overderewent overdewe overdon overdyking overe overead overebremylhamp overebury overed overee overeign overeinde overekeled overell overeman overen overend o'verend overende overends overens overesby overesley overet overetindone overett overey overfeld overfield overfield-collins overfold overgaard overgage overhailes overhall overhand overhe overhead overhee overhend overhiel overhill overhoef overholm overhowse overi overie overill overin overine overing overinge overingham overington overington-smith overitt overitz overkellet overkerch overkirk overkirke overlaggan overland overlande overlander overlaund overlecheste overlechestone overley overlonde overlone overlove overlow overly overlye overman overmass overment overm'n overmor overnell overniss overnon overnot overon overpool overproud overquerk overquerque overqverke overrall overrikinghale overrill overrills overring overs oversall oversay oversby overscote oversee oversgares overshall oversheld overshot overshott overslawe oversnell overson oversouth overst overstall overstead overstee overstein oversteyn overston overstone overstow overstraaten overstraeten overstreet overstreete overstronde overswale overtan overthebek' overthebrok overthegate overthewater overthone overthrow overton overton' overtone overtoun overtum overtun overtun' overturn overtyrn overus overvart overwater overwath overweg overwright overy overyavard overybury overye overyng overyngham overyssel overzee oveseye ovessa oveston ovet ovett ovette ovexe ovey oviat oviatt ovid oviedo oviett ovigney ovill ovill' oville ovilton ovin ovindean oving ovingden ovingdon ovinge ovinges ovingham ovingting ovington ovington-jones ovingtons ovins ovinton ovinton' ovioteshay ovirton ovis oviston ovitch ovitsky ovitt ovitts ovitz ovize ovlabarbe ovnstn ovon ovongton ovord ovray ovre ovrell ovresyre ovret ovreton ovrey ovrry ovry ovuns ovvynge ovweman ovy ovyatt ovyet ovyeton ovyn ovynden ovyng ovyngden ovynge ovyngge ovyngham ovyngton ovyott ovyton

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