Surnames beginning with Re

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Re. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

re rea reab'rn reaburn reaby reacewell reach reachallus reacher reachford reachill reachman reackham reacole reacord read readall read-burgoyne readdall read-davis readdie readding readdy reade readeand readefole readell readen reader reade-revell reader-harris readericke reades readett readey readfearn readfearne readfern readfhaw readford readhead readhed readher readhouse readich readie readimng readin readines reading readinge readinghes readings readish readith readitt read-jahn read-jones readle readless readley readlinton readmam readman readmell readmonds readnell readon reados readroni reads readshaw read-smith readstone readstown reads-worth readtithanah readwell readwin readwood ready readyhoof readyhough readyng readysadd readyu reaford reag reagan reage reagean reagh reaghes reagin reagon reah reaham reahead reaich reaid reainer reains reainsdon reaish reaison reak reake reakes reakes-williams reaking reaks real reale realey realf realff reali realing reall realli reallo realme realton realy ream reamaker reaman reame reamer reames reamies reamon reams reamsbottom rean reanalds reanals reanar reandall reande reandle reane reanell reaner reanes reaney reanney reanold reanolds reanor reans reanton reany reap reape reaper reapeth reappen reapson rear rearburn reard reardan reardaut rearden reardgard rearding reardn reardon reardon-smith reare rearely rears rearsby rearsbye rearsdin rearsley reary reas reasbeck reasbie reasby rease reasen reasey reaside reasin reasley reasolde reason reasons reast reastall reaston reaston-brown reat rea-taylor reatchious reatchlous reate reath reather reather-smith reatie reativo reatt reatty reau reaub reauche reauchen reaucht reaue reaugh reaughe reaule reaulx reaume reaumur reaurau reautor reaux reavall reave reavel reaveley reavell reavell-carter reavelly reavely reaven reavenall reavenley reavens reaver reaverley reaves reavett reavey reavil reavill reaville reavley reavly reavy reawghe reay reaye reaynold reaynolds reazin reazine reazor reb reback rebak reban rebane rebanks rebattis rebaux rebaya rebaz rebbe rebbeak rebbeck rebbell rebbello rebberger rebbetts rebbing rebbitt rebby rebdale rebder rebe rebeau rebeay rebec rebecca rebeck rebecke rebecque rebeham rebeira rebeiro rebel rebell rebella rebello rebels reben rebeque reber reberio reberson reberti rebet rebets rebetsky rebett rebetts rebew rebez rebholtz rebholz rebiere rebins rebinson rebkovsky rebling rebmann reboe reboll rebonato rebora rebori rebotier rebotte rebotter rebou reboud reboul rebouleau reboult rebour rebours rebouse rebow rebsch rebson rebuck rebuffa reburn reburne rebus rebut rebvers reby recacoecha recacoechea recalde recaldin recamier recan recanati recano recard recardo recaut recca reccam reccham reccheford reccheforde recder rece recedden receiver recenell recenos receyvour recham rechan rechart rechausee rechbein rechdale reche rechebell recheford rechel recheles rechells recheman recher rechere rechert rechery rechesforde rechford rechforde rechler rechless rechnell rechnitz rechnitzer rechonillis rechorst rechrere rechsteiner recht rechten rechter rechtere rechteren rechtering rechtern rechters recinos recitless reck reckall recke reckele reckeles reckens recker reckerby reckets reckett recketts reckford reckham reckhouse reckie reckin reckitt reckitts recklan reckles reckless recklesse reckley reckling recklis reckliss recknall recknell recknor reckold reckonhill recks reckson reckster reckstow reckteren reckum reckynghale reclan reclercq reclis reclus reclusa reclusagio recluse reclusus reclynton recok recol recolve reconai recond reconger recorast record recorde recorden recordon records recourt recowden recroft recteford rectem recteren rectoforde recton rector rectringe recuchun recuero reculfe recullard reculver recupero recusby recutton recuzin reczek red red' reda redacleave redaelli redahan redal redale redall redam redams redapple redar redard redaway redband redbarr redbath redbeard redbend redber redberd redbergg redbert redbird redbond redbone redborn redborne redbourn redbourne redbrg redburgh redburn redburn' redburne redcan redcant redcar redcarr redchop redclif redcliff redcliffe redclift redcliue redclyffe redcok redcote redcous redcroft redcross redd redd' reddach reddal reddale reddall reddalls reddals reddam reddan reddard reddath reddawat reddawaty reddaway reddcliff redde reddeborgwe reddeck reddecliffe reddeclifft reddeford reddel reddelein reddeley reddelieu reddelin reddell reddelond reddelsden reddelt reddem reddeman reddemere reddemershil reddemershylle redden redder redderidge redders reddersen redderson redderwold reddesdale reddesham reddeshe reddeswall reddeswell reddeswell' reddetop reddett reddeworth reddey reddfearne reddford reddhead reddhedd reddi reddich reddick reddicliffe reddidge reddie reddiffer reddiford reddih reddihough reddill reddin redding redding' reddinge reddinges reddingges reddings reddington reddinick reddins reddiough reddis reddisb reddish reddishe reddishes reddit redditch redditt reddiver reddle reddles reddley reddmane redd'n reddoch reddock reddok reddon reddop reddoway reddrich' reddrop reddrope reddun reddwycke reddy reddych reddye reddyhoff reddyhoof reddyhough reddyk reddyn reddyng reddynge reddysdale reddyshe rede redead redebarn redebarne redeberd redeberde redeberg redebourne redebrok redeburne redeburwe redeby redeclive redecok redecoyn rededore redeford redeforde redegrave redehale redehalgh redehalle redeham redehed redehede redeheuch redeheved redeheyde redehill redehode redehouch redehough redehude redehull redeker redeknap redel redel' redelay redelegh redeleghs redeler redeles redelesworth redeley redelien redelingef' redelinghuys redell redelle redelond redemaker redeman redemane redemar redemare redemayn redemayne redemeld' redemelde redemelnere redemer redemere redemershil redemon redemor redemore reden reden' redenale redenaye redenbury redenes redeness redenesse redeneye redenhal redenhale redenhurst redeni redenor redenover redepath redepenning redepeth redeprest reder redere rederich rederick rederup rederwld redes redesdale redeshagh redesham redeshaw redeshawe redeslawe redeston redestone redestoon redeswell redeswelle redesworthy redett redevesse redevule redewal redewelle redewode redewood redey redeyn redfairn redfan redfarn redfask redfearn redfearne redfeirne redfen redfend redfer redferd redferm redfern redferne redfernn redferns redfern-smith redferre redfeurne redfield redfin redfirn redfirne redfoord redford redforde redforn redforth redfourth redfrey redfurde redfurn redfurth redfyne redgar redgard redgate redgates redge redgead redgeing redgell redgement redgers redgeway redgewell redgill redgley redgment redgraine redgrange redgraue redgrave redgre redgreave redgreaves redgrift redgrove redgway redgwell redgwick redhall redham redhawe redhead redheaud redhed redhedd redhedde redhede redhell redheuch redheud redheued redheugh redheved redhewch redheyd redhill redhod redhod' redhode redhough redhouse redhovoe redhude redhugh redhurst redi rediall rediat rediatt redican redicarr redich rediche redick redie redier redifer redifford redifor rediford rediforde rediger redigg redihalgh redihan redihoofe redihough redik redikar' redil redilinghuis redily redin reding reding' redinge redinges redingge redington redinton rediough redipay redis redisch redisdale redisford redish redishe rediswell redit reditch rediter redith reditt redix redjard redjeb redker redkin redking redkison redknap redknape redknapp redknappe redknays redknight redl redland redlay redle redlech redlee redleg redlegge redlegh redler redlesworth redley redleye redli redlich redlie redliffe redlington redlish redlisworth redlock redlof redlovitch redlyn redm redmain redmaine redmal redmall redmam redman redmand redmane redmann redmannin redmans redmap redmar redmar' redmarle redmarley redmarton redmayn redmayne redmaynes redmead redmeld redmell redmen redmer redmere redmereshull redmerhull' redmerlegh' redmerschil redmersel redmersell redmershil redmershill redmershull redmershyl redmersil redmersll' redmes redmile redmill redmire redmisse redmn redmnd redmon redmond redmonde redmond-lyon redmond-roche redmonds redmont redmore redmre redmull redmund redmunede redmysse rednage rednall rednap rednape rednes redness rednesse rednisse rednor rednore redoch redock redon redondo redone redont redonte redoubt redout redpath redpathe redpatrh redpeith redpeth redpole redran redrick redriffe redrington redrobe redroff redroofe redrop redrope redrove redrup redrupp redruth redrys redsa redsahw redsall redsaw redschawe redschaye redsdale redsdall redsell redsen redser redshank redshas redshaw redshawe redshose redslob redson redstaff redstall redston redstone redstreake redsull redtal redthehee redtopping reduers reduesse redulius redup redveriis redvers redviers redwar redward redwarde redwards redware redwasshe redwat redway redwed' redwel redwell redwerd redwhode redwin redwitz redwod redwode redwood redwood-white redworth redwrd redwryth redwy redwyn redy redyard redych redyche redyearde redyer redyewell redyford redyforde redylegh redyn redyng redynge redynges redyngg redyngge redyngges redynghe redyngton redynhale redynolds redysham redyssh redyval ree reead reeb reeback reebe reebeck reeby reece reece-jones reece-robinson reech reeche reechenback reechford reecks reeckstraw reecroft reed reed' reeda reedal reedall reedar reeday reedc reed-davis reede reede-ginkle reeder reeder-clark reeders reedes reedfen reedford reedham reedhead reedhill reedhurst reedkin reed-lethbridge reed-lewis reedman reedmayne reedmore reedmsdyk reedness reedpath reed-purvis reeds reedshaw reedstow reedwood reedy reedyke reees reeeve reeeves reef reefe reeferne reeffer reefham reefhawe reefman reegan reeh reehorst reek reeke reekei reekeley reeken reeker reekes reekey reekhouse reeki reekie reekil reekis reekle reekless reekmans reeks reekson reekstead reel reeland reele reeler reeley reeling reelly reels reely reem reeman reeme reemenschneider reemer reemes reems reemy reen reenan reenaud reenders reene reenen reeng reenhough reens reensterne reentz reeny reeon reep reepe reeper reepham reepmaker reepsam reerees rees reesby reesd rees-davies reese reesema rees-evans reesham rees-jones rees-mogg reeson rees-osborne rees-pedlar rees-philipps rees-phillips rees-reynolds rees-roberts reess reessen reest rees-thomas rees-webbe rees-wright reet reetch reete reeth reeton reetston reetyke reeue reeues reev reeva reevas reevce reeve reevebourne reeve-coates reeved reeve-flaxman reeve-jones reeveley reevell reevelt reevely reeven reeve-perkins reever reevers reevert reeves reeves-brown reevesly reeves-smith reevey reevil reevs reevson reevy reews reeye reez reeze refalo refauld refault refby refe refecteus refectorio refeen refene refet refey reff reffall reffam reffe reffell reffelle reffer reffet reffett reffew reffham reffier reffin reffit reffitt reffold refford refft refham refholm refhop refnall reford refoy refrawel refray refree refrege refreytur refs refson reftand refuge refuggan rega regaard regad regail regaine regal regal' regale regalet regali regalibus regalis regall regallia regamey regan regane regans regarde regardsoe regat regat' regate regatt regazzoli regbein regby regden rege regeat regel regeli regelmeyer regelson regemorte regemorter regemortes regemortus regen regenbaum regenbogen regendanz regenmorter regensberg regensburg regensburger regenspurg regensteiner regent regente reger regerne regers regersfieldt regerson regerster regeser regesfeld' regester regett regewyk regg regge reggel reggeman regges reggewey reggin reggio reggiori reggit reggler reggny reggs regham reghe reghemorres reghoton reght reg'i regidor regill regiment regin regina reginal reginald reginaldi reginer reginio reginolds regio regis register regius regkar regland reglar reglass reglesmyre regless regley regmaiden regmorter regnald regnalds regnalt regnant regnard regnart regnarte regnast regnat regnaud regnaudin regnauld regnauld' regnault regnaut regneir regnell regnerd regney regni regnie regnield regnier regniers regnieur regnld regnold regnolds regny rego regoat regon regouart regram regre regruto regt regtuyt reguart reguemortes reguera regula regular regule reguler regulus regunt reguran regwell regyer reh rehak rehan reharn rehath rehausen rehbein rehberg rehbohm rehbold rehden rehder rehe reheberg rehfeld rehfisch rehflsch rehill rehling rehm rehman rehn rehnberg rehorn rehova rehse rehudde rehuloff rehwinckell rei reiach reiber reibey reice reich reichard reichardson reichardt reichart reichbach reichdel reiche reichel reichell reichelmann reichelt reichemburst reichen reichenbach reichenberg reichenberh reichenburg reichenfeld reichenheim reichenhelm reichenhem reichenstein reicher reichert reichfeld reichherzer reichhuber reichi reichie reichl reichlin reichloser reichman reichmann reichrer reichsfeld reichstadt reichstein reichter reichteren reichwald reickars reickenberg reickers reickie reickler reickman reid reid-adam reid-adams reid-cuddon reidd reid-dick reide reidel reidell reidemeister reider reiderson reidessel reidford reidfurd reidge reidhaven reidhead reidheauch reidheid reid-henry reidheuch reidhewch reidhewcht reidie reidinger reid-jones reidling reidman reid-marr reidon reidpath reidpeth reids reid-smith reidsoun reidt reid-taylor reid-thomas reid-todd reid-walker reidy reiel reiersen reierson reif reife reifenberg reifert reiff reiffenberg reiffenstein reiffenthal reiffer reifler reifsneider reigar reigat reigate reigdon reigel reiger reigers reigh reighnold reighnolds reight reighteren reighton reighwins reigin reigine reiginer reigler reignald reignaldes reignalds reignardson reignart reignaud reigne reignelds reigner reigni reignier reigning reignold reignoldes reignolds reignoldson reignoulds reignun reigny reigtre reihl reihy reijsen reijuvaan reik reikan reike reikes reikie reil reilby reile reilee reilegh reilender reiley reilhan reilie reiligh reiling reilinger reill reille reilley reillie reillinger reillt reilly reils reilton reily reim reimadan reiman reimann reimar reimarus reimer reimers reimerston reimert reimes reimfrid reimond reims reimund reimund' reimundi rein reina reinach reinacre reinagle reinagles reinald reinalds reinalducci reinall reinalls reinand reinard reinardson reinart reinaud reinbault reinberd reinbert reinbrook reincke reind reinders reindersen reinderts reind'l reindon reindorf reindorp reine reinebert reinecher reineck reinecke reinecker reineham reineii reineke reineker reinell reiner reineri reinerii reinero reiners reinersley reinert reinertsen reines reinesford reinesthorp reinestorp reineuill' reinevall reinevill reineville reiney reinfar reinfeld reinfleisch reinford reinfraiville reinfravulle reinfreinville reinfrid reinfru reingall reingand reinganum reingaut reinge reinger reingham reingill' reingle reingpach reington reinha' reinham reinhard reinhardt reinhardt-goodwin reinhardty reinhardz reinhart reinheimer reinhold reinholdt reinh'rdt reini reinicker reinies reiniger reininck reininger reinke reinken reinkine reinking reinli reinman reinmer reinnes reinni reinnier reinny reinoehl reinold reinoldes reinolds reinoldson reinowitz reins reinsberry reinscroft reinshreiber reinstadtler reinstein reinstrck reinswore reintgen reintjes reinton reintor reintrock reints reinuill' reiny reinyall reio reiordan reiordon reip reiper reipone reippelinggam reippersbery reirdon reires reirs reirson reis reisan reisbeck reischach reischer reise reiseger reiseli reisen reisenbeck reisent reiser reish reishill reisinger reisland reisler reisman reisner reison reiss reissar reisse reisser reissig reissland reissmann reisson reiss-smith reist reister reiston reisz reitano reitch reitcher reitel reiter reitfera reith reithammer reithar reitheby reitheimer reithmuller reitich reitingar reitler reitlinger reitman reitmann reitson reitt reitter reitterhoffer reitterson reity reitz reitze reitzel reitzenstein reitzman reitzmann reivaly reivcastle reive reives reixa reixach reizenstein rejder rejdman rejohn rejon rejowski rekan rekanil reke rekedon' rekehale rekeir rekenham reker rekert rekes reketh rekett reketts rekhawe rekhi rekie rekler reknoy rekstin rekvoldsen rekwart rekyn rekynghale rekyngham relane relans relay reld reldif reldwood rele relee releen relegh relen reles' relesham releston relevitch reley releye relf relfe relfell relfern relff relford relham relhan relhanis relict relie relifford religan relihan relin relingue relinque relish relismo rell rell' rellam relle relleck relleen relleg' reller rellett relley rellie rellier rellihan rellinger rellington rellis rells rellum relly rellyea relnah reloin relp relph relphe relseye relton relver relvie relwicz relwyskow rely relya relyea relyn relys rem remagle remain remaines remains remald remallart remalling reman remand remandas remane remas remaud remaux remayn remayne rembald' rembaud rembault rember remberger remberry rembert rembertini rembery rembielinski remblance rembrandt rembridge rembry remching reme remeden remedia remedios remell remenchus remenham remenis rement rementeria remenyi remer remers remes remesbir' remesbiria remesek remeson remet remete remets remett remeyer remfree remfrey remfry remhertz remherz remick remiel remiere remieson remignak reminch remingdon remingtn remington remington-hobbs remis remish remishe remiston remith remlance remlinger remlo remm remman remmant remmel remmele remmens remment remmer remmern remmers remmesburi remmesbury remmesbyr' remmet remmett remmett-weaver remmick remmie remmiett remmin remming remmington remmino remmler remmonds remmons remmos remmyngton remmysbury remmyslonde remnam remname remnant remnants remnent remner remnesleye remnon remnond remocker remon remonanf remond remonde remondi remondin remonier remonington remonth remorat remorino remouille remp rempas rempe rempen rempeston remphrey remphry rempiston rempler rempston rempstone rempstoun rempt remsbery remsbury remschel remsen remsey remsford remshale remshaw remsley remson remstedt remston remtts remund remundeby remus remusat remvicos remy remye remyn remyngton remyngton' remyngtone remyon remys remysden remysshe ren rena renacre renacres renaggi renaghan renagle renaham renahan renaime renais renak renakars renakers renal renald renalds renaldson renall renalls renals renalt renalts renamie renand renans renant renar renard renardson renart renash renason renata renateau renato renau renaubert renaud renaudet renaudin renaudot renauld renault renaume renaut renaux renaward renawdy renawdyn renay renbaud renbault renbaum renberd renbold renbom renbouillet renbourn renbridge renby renc rencen rench renchall renche renchell rencher renching renchy rencie renck rencker renckins rencontre rencoule rencourt rend renda rendal rendale rendall rendalph rendaly rendan rendap rendar rende rendehovere rendekyn rendel rendelesham rendelisham rendell rendell-baker renden render rendere renders rendesley rendeswyk rendevill rendham rendill rendilsham rendina rendke rendle rendler rendles rendlesham rendle-short rendleston rendlisham rendll rend'll rendoke rendole rendolf rendoll rendolph rendon rendorff rendorp rendour rendre rendrel rendrick rendrour rendrure rendtorff rendu rendue rendull rendurer rendutus rendy rendyard rendylsham rene reneau renecle renecles reneda renedi renee renefeld renefick renegar reneger renegill reneham renehan renekyn renel reneleg' renell renelles renells renels renelt renen renenard renent rener renerd renes renesgile reneshaw reneson renet renets renett renetwod reneu reneuf reneval renevall reneville renew reneward renewarde renewych reney reneyd reneyed reneyk reneyrs reney-smith renfee renfeies renfeild renfeld renfern renfew renfield renford renforth renfre renfree renfrew renfrey renfroe renfry reng reng' renga rengart rengasamy rengatch rengbarth renge rengecroft renger rengeri rengers rengert renges rengger renggli rengink renglass rengni rengny renhald renhall renham renhas renhault renhaw renhold renholds renholes reni renicar renicars renick renicor renie renier renieres reniers renies reniff reniger renihan renike renilda renill renington renioff renira renis renisan renish renison renisse reniston reniton renitt renitte renk renke renkelo renker renketh renkhm renkin renkinck renkine renking renkyn renkynes renldsn renley renly renman renmrdts renn renna rennacles rennald rennalds rennaldson rennall rennalls rennals rennam rennan rennard rennards rennaud rennault renne rennear renneaway rennebarth renneck rennedy rennefeld rennegar rennei renneia renneie rennel rennell rennells rennels rennen rennent renner renner-gee renners rennert rennes renneson rennespindel rennet rennets rennett renneval renneville rennew rennewoy renney rennhurst renni rennic rennich rennick rennicke rennie rennie-o'mahony rennierenwick rennies rennigar rennik rennikers rennill rennin renning rennington renninson rennion rennis rennision rennison rennisson rennix renno rennock rennocks rennold rennoldes rennolds rennoldson rennoles rennoll rennolls rennols rennord rennorden rennort rennos renns rennuls rennut renny renn'y rennycke rennyson renny-tailyour reno renocke renoden renoff renol renold renolde renoldes renoldesheghes renolds renolds'n renoldson renoldus renole renoles renolls renols renolt renon renonard renone renord renorden renordin renory renot renothemen renou renouard renouarde renouart renoud renoudet renouf renouff renougf renough renoult renouprez renourd renous-cere renout renoux renovales renovard renow renowden renowe renowldes renowldson renox renphrey renpie renqick renron rens rensbeck rensberg rensburg rensby rensch renselaer rensell rensen rensford renshall renshalld renshausen renshaw renshawe renshell rensher renshgaw renslaar renslaer rensler renson rensonnet rensoul renspery rensselae renssell renssen rensteed renstrom rensy renszhausen rent rentall rentcome rente rentee renteira rentel rentell renteln renter renteria renteris rentes rentewill rentford rentforth rentfree renthame rentiers rentin rentle rentmore rentoles renton rentone rentorf rentoul rentoun rentovitch rentowl rentown rents rentwick renty rentysch rentz rentzch rentzel rentzsch renu renuad renuard' renuccini renue renuff renuge renulf renulphi renvall renvber renvell renvelle renvet renvill renville renvoize renvoll renwck renwell renwich renwick renwicke renwyck renwyk renxionf reny renyard renye renylles renyngton renyngull renyolds renyon renyour renyton renz renzi renzie renzo renzow renzy reo reobinson reoch reoche reod reogate reogh reoghe reolleston reond reordan reordon reothyng reott reough rep repa repace reparasso repard repariis repaszky repath repdene repe repeat repee repelaer repelin repelius rependale rependon' repenghal' repengton repenteney reper reperc reperose repett repette repfield repford reph repham rephus repindon repingal repingdon repinghal' repinghale repingon repington repke repkin repkyn repkyns reple reples repley repnin repnoch repocker repon reporter repoyngdon repp reppard reppe reppee reppen repper repperes reppes repphun reppin reppingall reppinghal' reppington reppion reppis repples repplingham repplyngton reppman repps reppyngale reppynghal reppys reprene reprina repryn repryna reps repsold repsom repson repton repuke repule repyndon repyngale repyngall repyngdon repynghale repyngton repynton repys repythe requa requena requescens requesence requesens requeti requieo requier requiere rerard rerby rerden rere rereboys rereck rereman reresbie reresby reresbye rergel reri rerich rerick rerik rering rerisby rerkhovn rerley rerlyngtone rernan rerolle rerratt rerrell rerresby rerrie rerriton rerry rers rersby rersch rerslake rersless rerucfeld rery reryk rerysby res resall resano resaunt resbell resborough resbridge resbridger resbrooke resbury resby rescarrick rescarrock resceby rescemer resch resche reschemere rescher reschia rescoaler rescoan rescoil rescold rescoll rescorl rescorla rescorld rescorle rescouer rescoyle rescue rescumer resdale resdall resdell resden rese reseby resehook reseigh reselaur resele resemay resen reser resergean reserson resewold resey resgaran reshal resham reshawe resher reshimwale reshman resholes reshton reside resigni resiliard resill resin resinghen resiou resius reskarke reskell reskemer reskemmer resker reskestel reskimer reskin reskinner reskol reskomer reskr reskymer reskymmer reskynner reskynnour reskyr reslaswalle reslen reslepe resley resly resnekov resner resnick resniere resnik resnikoff resnonnen reso resogon resold resoliere reson resone resong resould resoulde resoun resouwharne resowld respald' respegh respek resperneke resperveke respervet respes respice respina resprine resprinna 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