Surnames beginning with St

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with St. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

sta staab staack staader staadt staaf staak staal staalesen staange staap staar staatford staats stab staba stabald staball stabart stabb stabback stabbard stabbath stabbck stabbe stabber stabbert stabbick stabbin stabbing stabbins stabbler stabblers stabbles stabbleton stabbs stabbuck stabel stabeler stabeler' stabelgate stabell stabellar stabels staben stabens staberg stabersfield stabes stabey stabiler stabilgate stabill stabin stabington stabinovitch stabins stable stableford stableforth stablegate stableler stabler stablers stables stableton stabley stablini stably stabourgh stabton stabular' stabularii stabularius stabull stabulles stabulo stabulte stabulus staby stabyl stabyll stabylton-smith stabyn st abyn stac stacboil stacbole staccabul stace stacee stacer stacet stacewest stacey stacey-cleminson stacey-dawe staceys stach stachan-white stachdene stacheden stachedenne stachel stachell stacheman stachers staches stachesden stachesdene stachesdon stachictheckir stachiewicz stachlechmidt stachler stachly stachon stachowidk stachurko stachurski stachwell stachysdene staci stacie stack stackable stackard stackboll stack-dunne stacke stackemann stacker stackey stackford stackforth stackhard stackhouse stackhouse-vyvyan stackhousey stackhouson stacking stackins stackley stackman stackpole stackpolls stackpool stackpoole stacks stackton stackwod stackwood stacombe stacpole stacpoole stacrey stact stacton stacvy stacy stacye stacy-judd stacy-marks stad stadam stadames stadart stadbury stadd staddan staddarrt stadden stadder staddert stadderwick stadding staddon stade stadelbauer stadelmann staden stadeng staderus stadham stadhampton stadhope stadie stadiem stading stadland stadler stadley stadling stadlyng stadman stadnikiewicz stadnyk stadon stadring stadt stadthagen stadtholder stadward stadwell stadyn staeben staed staedel staedman staedtler staeg staeger staehler stael staenforth staengle staepoole staer staerck staerey staerke staerker staes staesens staeveley staf staf' stafdield stafe stafelay staff staff' staffal staffard staff-brett staffe staffeild staffel staffeld staffell staffen staffenburgh staffens staffer staffers stafferton staffertone staffford staffick stafficri staffield staffiere staffieri staffires staffoch staffod staffol staffoord staffoorde staffor stafford stafford' stafford-clark stafforde stafford-gaffney staffordia stafford-johnson stafford-jones stafford-northcote stafford-o'brien staffordshire stafford-smith staffort staffortd stafforth stafforton staffotrd staffrd staff'rd staffull staffurth stafle staflegh staflen stafles stafley stafold staford stafort staforth stag stagall st agatha stagbache stagboll stage stagebache stageldoir stagell stageman stagenho stageno stager stagerford stages stagg staggal staggall staggas stagge staggemeier staggemur staggers staggins staggis staggoll staggs staghall stagheside stagins stagle stagles stagmaker stagnall st agnan st agnant st agnaut stagnell st agnes stagno stagoli stagoll stagos stagould stagpole stagpool stagpoole stagregen stags stagsaruant stagwood stagwyff staham stahel stahelin staher stahern stahischmidt stahl stahlachmidt stahlecker stahler stahlknecht stahll stahlman stahlschimdt stahlschmid stahlschmidt stahnke stahr stahremberg staiano staib staide staides staiding staidler staien staif staife staig staige staiger staight staighton stail stailand staile stailes staillard staimford staimor stain stainback stainbank stainberg stainberry stainbird stainboc stainbrgh stainbridge stainbrough stainbton stainburgh stainburn stainburne staincliff staincliffe staincliffethornton staincroft staincup stainden staine stainecliffe stainegreve stainegrive stainer stainerig stainerley stainerlith staines stainesby staines-read stainetliffe staineton staineweges stainewegges stainfield stainfon stainfoprth stainford stainforth staingengs staingrave staingref staingreve staingrive staington stainhard stainhurst stainiforth stainiland staining staininges stainistreet stainkamph stainkank stainland stainley stainloft stainmare stainmore stainner staino stainol stainor stainptona stainr stainrigge stainrod stainroyd stains stainsberg stainsbie stainsb'rg stainsbury stainsby stainsbye stainsfield stainsforth stainshurst stainsmore stainson staintan stainthorp stainthorpe stainthrope stainthropp staintliff stainton stainton' staintona staintonm staintor staintun stainty stainwar stainwegges stainwhite stainwix stainwood stainworth stainwrth stair staire staires stairesmore stairfeson stairman stairmand stairmond stairs stairton stais staismore stait staite staites stait-gardner staith staitham staiton staits stak stakbol stakbold stakbole stakbolk stakboll stakclif stake stakebache stakedenn stakeford stakehill stakehouse stakell stakelmre stakelt stakely stakemann stakemer stakemire stakemore staken stakenbrok stakeney stakenho stakenys stakepol stakepon staker stakers stakes stakesden' stakford stakhous stakhouse stakhows stakil stakilthorp stakinden' stakis stakker stakour stakpole stakpoll stakynborough stakys stalain stalalaunde stalam stalard stalback stalban st alban st albans stalbaum st albin stalbon st albon stalborough stalbow stalbridge stalbrige stalbrigge stalbrok stalbroke stalbrooke stalbrugge stalbrygge st albyn stalchan stalcop st aldegonde stalder staldham stale stalebond stalebrass staledg stalefeld stalegyv staleham stalenge stalens staleraffe stales stalesfeld stalet staleward staleword staleworth stalewortham staleworthe stalewski stalewurdin staley stalford stalfox stalgrey stalham stalhammar stalhart stalibrass stalin stalingburg' stalingburgh stalinge stalington stalipes stalipres stalis stalivies stalk stalkart stalkarth stalkartt stalkatt stalke stalker stalker' stalkere stalkers stalkhart stalkon stalkr stalks stall stall' stallabrass stalladge stallage stallaman stallan stalland stallard stallard-clarke stallard-penoyre stallare stallarholm stalle stallebi stallebrass stalleby stallen stallendge stalleng stallenge staller stallerd stallermon stallery stallesfeld stalleworth stalleworthe stalley stalleybrass stalliard stallibrass stallin stalling stalling' stallingbroke stallingburg' stallingburn' stallinge stallingeburc stallington stallion stallis stalliwood stallman stallmann stallmeister stallmont stallo stallocke stallon stallowd stallrd stallsmith stallwholley stallwood stallwoodd stallword stallworth stallworthy stally stallybras stallybrass st allyn stallyng stallynge stallynges stalman st almane stalmine stalmndle stalmun stalmyn stalmynne stalon stalonn staloun stalovitsky stalp stalpart stalper stalpert stalpes st alphonse stals stalte staltenhoff stalterforth stalthoro stalton staltup stalubrass stalun stalunder stalvies stalvis stalvorthe stalward stalwardman stalwart stalwarth stalwood stalworth stalwortham stalworthe stalworthey stalworthie stalworthman stalworthy stalwrthman stalwrthmane stalwrygh stalwyck staly stalye stalyngburgh stalyngburn stalynton stalys stam stamager staman st amand st amant stamard stamatakis stamatiou stamatopoulos stambach stamberg stambke stambler stambois stamborne stamborough stamboulieh stambregge stambridge stambrige stambrigge stambrook stambury stamcomb stamding stamedyn stamel stamelden stamenden stamer stamere stameris stamers stames stamfeild stamfeld stamfield stamford stamford' stamfordde stamforde stamfort stamforth stamhurst stamir stamkling stamler stamley stamm stamma stammage stammard stammars stammas stammell stammer stammerell stammers stammitz stammus stammwitz stamner stamnyer stamo stamoden stamon stamor stamore st amour stamp stampa stampard stampe stampeele stampeer stampefforde stampell stampeluue stamper stamperd stamperford stampes stampet stampeto stampette stampettes stampfer stampforth stamphorde stamphouse stampier stampignace stampland stample stampleton stamp-offices stamprhst stamproye stamps stampson stampt stampton stampty stamsbi stamson stamstein stamtton stamvay stamworth stamynden stamyndenn stamynton stan stan' stana stanabuss stanacher stanack stanaford stanage stanal stanaland stanall stananaught stananett stananott stananough stananought stanard stanard' stanarde stanarsom stanas stanatt stanaway stanaways stanay stanbac stanback stanbank stanbanke stanbara stanbarah stanbarron stanbary stanbeam stanbeck stanbenzee stanber stanbere stanberge stanbergh stanberry stanberrye stanbery stanbie stanbiland stanbiri stanbode stanborgh stanborn stanborough stanborouh stanborow stanborowe stanbour stanbourn stanbowe stanbra stanbridfe stanbridge stanbrig stanbrige stanbrigg stanbrigg' stanbrigge stanbroc stanbrok stanbrok' stanbroke stanbrooch stanbrook stanbrooke stanbrough stanbrow stanbrug' stanbrugg stanbrugge stanbrydge stanbrye stanbrygge stanburey stanburg' stanburgh stanburi stanburn stanburne stanburth stanbury stanby stanbynorth stanbys stanceby stancel stancell stancer stancer-beaumont stancey stanceye stanch stanchawe stanchell stanchiden' stanchliffe stanciall stancioff stanckes stanckyard stanclay stancleffe stanclif stancliff stancliffe stanclyf stanclyff stancock stancomb stancombe stancome stancote stancourt stancross stanctone stanczewski stand stand' standage standaland standall standaloft standan standandstanys standanought standard standart standback standbanck standbank standbergh standberry standbk standborough standborowe standbridge standbridges standbrige standbrook standbrooke standburrow standbury standcliffe standclyfe standebregg' standebrugge standed standeia standeis standeley standen standen' standenamyer standene standenn standent standen-thomas stander standering standerlin standerline standers standert standeruoyke standerwick standerwicke standerwyk standerwyke standes standesdale standett standevan standeven standevyn standewell standewick standewicke standey standeyn standfast standfaste standfeild standfeld standfield standfl' standford standfords standforth standgroom standhaft standhupryght standich standiche standidge standig standige standighe standiland standin standing stand'ing standinger standingford standingforth standinough standis standisch standische standish standish-barry standishe standishstreet standish-white standissh standisshe standistreet standivan standiver standlake standland standlate standlaye standle standlee standley standleye standlie standlies standling standloft standly standlye standole standon standon' standone standord standow standowe standplogh standrain st andre standred st andrew st andrewe st andrews standrick standridge standrig standrige standrill standrin standring standring-smith standrland standrlnd standrop standrope standrough standrow st androwe standroyd standrue standrup stands standsard standstreet standthorpe standulf standun' standupprigth standway standwell standwich standwick standy standyche standyland standyn standyrose standyrtun standysh standyshe standyssh standyssh' standysshe standystreet stane stanear stanebank stanebiat stanebrigg' stanebrugg stanebrugge staneby staned stanedelve stanedge stanedich stanedich' stanedig stanedig' stanedis stanedis' stanedish stanedishe stanediss stanedisse stanedrop stanedys stanedysche stanefeld stanefield staneford staneforth staneg' stanegrave stanegriue stanehous stanehouse stanehow stanehurst stanek staneke staneland stanelawe stanelay stanele stanelee staneleg' stanelegh staneley staneleye stanell stanelle stanelli stanelok stanely stanen stanenord staner stanerby stanerd stanere stanerlithe stanern stanerne staners stanert stanerton staneryar' stanes stanesacher stanesby stanesfeld staneshal' stanesmoore stanesmore staneton staneway stanewell stanewell' stanewey staneweye staneworth stanewyk stanex staney staneye staneyge stanf stanfall stanfard stanfarde stanfast stanfaste stanfeild stanfeilde stanfel stanfeld stanfeld' stanfelde stanfell stanfelt stanfer stanfery stanfeud stanfeud' stanffeld stanffurth stanfied stanfield stanfielt stanfild stanfod stanford stanford' stanforde stanfordia stanfordrivers stanford-samuel stanford-smith stanford-thomas stanforth stanfrd stanfree stanfrot stanfurth stanfylde stang stangar stangate stange st ange stangenett stanger stangerland stanger-leather stanger-leathes stangersom stangeway stangh stangham stanghon stanghow stanghton stangin stangl stanglebird stanglement stangman stangno stangnum stango stangoe stangrave stangres stangreve stangrewe stangrond stangroom stangroome stanground stangrum stangryff stangryth' stangton stangwais stangward stangwayes stangways stangworth stanhac stanhale stanham stanhamlambert stanhar' stanhard stanhaue stanhaughe stanhaw stanhawe stanhawes stanhern stanhewe stanhill stanho stanhoe stanhog stanhoop stanhop stanhope stanhope-jones stanhope-lovell stanhope-rogers stanhopes stanhopp stanhoppe stanhou stanhouse stanhow stanhowe stanhpe stanhu stanhurst stanhurste stanhus stanhuse staniaco stanian staniar staniard stanibank stanick stanie staniel stanien stanier stanier-broade stanieri stanierr staniers stanies staniford staniforth stanifrth stanigrave stanihurst staniland stanilande stanilandes stanilands stanilard staniley stanillaert stanilnd stanilondes staninaught staninforth staning staningcote staningford staninghal staninghale stanington staninnot staninnott staninot staninott staninough stanion stanisbey stanisby stanisland stanislas stanislaus stanislaw stanist stanistreet stanistrich stanithorpe staniton stanix stanjer stank stankbayne stanke stankey stankie stankiewicz stanking stankley stankovic stankowski stanks stanl stanlac stanlacke stanlaie stanlak stanlake stanlaker stanlake-stuart stanlamb stanland stanlaw stanlawe stanlawman stanlay stanlaye stanle stanledy stanlee stanleford stanleg stanleg' stanlega stanlegh stanleghe stanleigh stanler stanles stanlewe stanley stanley-adams stanley-clamp stanley-clark stanley clarke stanley-clarke stanleydale stanley-dodgson stanleye stanley-goddard stanley-jones stanleykuhlicke stanley-larke stanley-little stanley-murray stanley-price stanley-roberts stanley-smith stanley-stephens stanley-stephenson stanley-williams stanleywin stanlick stanlie stanliffe stanlinch' stanling stanling' stanlinke stanlith stanlow stanlowe stanlund stanly stanlye stanlynch stanmache stanmard stanmen stanmer stanmere stanmont stanmoore stanmore stanmore-elford stann stannach stannad stannage stannah stannan stannanet stannanoughtt stannanow stannant stannar stannard stannarde stannards stannaway stannawe stanneax stannebie stannehoppe stanneken stannell stannenot stannenutt stanner stannerd stannerne stanners stannerton stannes stannesby stanness stannet stannete stannett stanneus stanney stanneye stanneyland stannford stannforde stanng stannge stannian stannicliffe stannidg stannidge stannie stannier stanniers stannifer stanniford stanniforth stanniland stanninaught stanning stanninge stanningford stanninghal stanninghall stanningknott stannings stanninot stanninott stannion stanniott stannis stannish stannistreet stannitt stannix stannley stannmers stannoll stannop stannope stannopp stannord stannore stannou stannow stannum stannup stannus stannuss stanny stannye stannyer stannyford stannyforth stannyland stannylands stannynough stannynought stannyon stannys stannysby stano stanoch stanoe stanoff stanojlovic stanold stanolf stanon stanop stanope stanopp stanoppe stanore stanover stanowe stanpel stanpyt stanre stanregge stanridge stanroyd stans stansal stansale stansall stansar stansaw stansbe stansbery stansbey stansbie stansbridge stansbury stansby stansbye stanschawe stanscomb stansdale stanse stanseby stansel stansell stanser stansfeild stansfeilde stansfeld stansfelde stansfeld-newberry stansfewld stansfield stansfield-brun stansfields stansfild stansfilde stansfiled stansford stansfueld stansfyld stanshall stansham stanshaw stanshawe stanslard stansley stansmore stanson stansop stanstead stansted stansted' stanstede stansterne stanstial stanstreet stanstret stanstreta stanstrete stansuren stanswood stant stantaford stantan stanteford stanteigh stanten stantent stanter stanterlng stantfield stantham stanthirn stanthker' stanthon stanthorne stanthorp stanthorpe stanthwaite stantial stantiall stanticell stantiel stantiell stantifant stantiford stantin stanting stantis stantley stantn stant'n stanto stantom stanton stanton' stantona stanton-cook stantone stanton-hope st antonine stanton-jefferies stantonnutt stantonswindells stantor stantorre stantoun st antoyne stantrill stantroppe stantt stanttal stantun stantune stanuall stanuel stanuell stanum stanupp stanus stanustreet stanvill stanville stanvorde stanwat stanway stanwaye stanways stanweg' stanwegge stanwegges stanwell stanwey stanweya stanweye stanwiche stanwick stanwicks stanwigg stanwin stanwix stanwiz stanwood stanword stanworde stanworth stanworthin stanwrd stanwrth stanw'rth stanwrth' stanwurth stanwye stanwygg stanwygges stanwyggs stanwyk stany stanyan stanyar stanyard stanyarde stanyarn stanydelf stanydisshe stanye stanyer stanyford stanyforde stanyforth stanyforthe stanyfurthe stanyhirst stanyhurst stanyland stanylandes stanylond stanyn stanynaughe stanyngton stanyngtone stanynor stanynought stanyon stanyon-jacques stanys stanyshe stanystreet stanyuford stanyworth stanzick staoken staokes staorey staote stap stape stapehill stapekgate stapel stapel' stapela stapelar stapelay stapelberg stapelbridge stapelbrigg stapelbrygges stapeldon stapeldone stapele stapeleford' stapeleg stapelegh stapeler stapeley stapeleya stapeleye stapelf' stapelfield stapelford stapelford' stapelforde stapelgate stapelham stapelho stapelhurst stapelkdone stapell stapelle stapelleg stapellegh stapellegh' stapellford' stapells stapelrig stapelron stapelsteyn stapelte stapelton stapelton' stapeltona stapeltone stapeltun stapely stapelyes stapenell stapenhall stapenhill stapenhorst stapennell staper stapere staperr stapers stapert staperton stapes stapethe stapeton stapey stapeye stapf stapfer stapford staph staphes staphilluns staphley staphorst staphorth staphurst staphylton-smith stapil stapildon stapildone stapile stapilford stapilford' stapilforthe stapilgate stapilhulle stapilles stapillton stapilton stapilton' stapiltone stapilyon staplan stapland staplay staple stapledn stapledon stapledone staplee staplefield stapleford stapleforth staplegate staplehill staplehorn staplehorne staplehouse staplehurst stapleing stapler staplery staples staples-browne staplessilver staplestone stapleton stapleton-cotton stapleton-martin stapletons stapleus stapley stapleyon staplforde staplin stapling staplor staplove stapls staplton staply staplyton stapolton stapp stapp' stappard stappe stappel' stappeleia stappell' stapper stappere stappers stapperton stappes stappins stapple stapples stapplestorp stappleton stapps staps stapter staptford stapthon stapton stapulford stapulforde stapulgate stapull stapuller stapulte stapulton stapulton' stapultone stapy stapylbury stapyleton stapylhyll stapyll stapyllon stapylman stapylton stapylton-smith star starace staras starast starbck starbeck starberg starbert starble starbok starbolt starbouk starboule starbrick starbrook starbuck starbucke starburon starcard starcey starch starchan starchey starchie starchy starcich starck starcke starco starcolf starcy stard stardford stardivant stardling stare starebie staree starekar stareley starell staremberg starembergh staremburg staren starens stareprawo stares staresemore staresmor staresmore staretin stareton stareu starey stareystark starff starfforde starfield starford starforth stargardter stargatt starger stargold stargott stargratt stargrave starheim starhemberg stariar staricker staricr starie stariere stariford staring starinsky starismer starismor starismore starita stark starkay starkbayn starkbayndoghter starkbaynson starkcombe starke starkel starkely starken starkens starker starkery starkes starkeuy starkeweder starkey starkeye starkey-jones starkeys starkey-smith starki starkie starkies starkiewicz starkil starkin starking starkinge starkings starkins starkis starkiss starkley starkly starkman starkolf stark-robertson starks starks-field starkweather starkweder starkwhether starky starkye starkyn starl starland starle starlee starles starley starling starling' starlinge starlings starlionge starlitz starlkart starlow starly starlyng starlynge starm starman starmar starmer starmes starminsky starmore starn starnall starne starnel starnell starner starnes starnetgwaite starnge starnling starns starnson starntin starocker starofsky staroscik starosinski starosselsky starosta starpes starr starrack starrand starrap starratt starrbuck starre starrels starremon starrer starrett starrich' starrington starrit starritt st arromant starrop starrow starrs starry stars starsat starsemoore starshinsky starsly starsmeare starsmer starsmoore starsmore starsolla starson starstinefsky starstoff starston start starte starten startenburg startenbury starters startford starth starthop starthwaite startifant startin starting startington startip startmore starton startonburgh startop startopp startoppe startout startre startridge startrup starts startsey startton startudge startup startupp startuppe startute startutt startwell startyn startynwell starvers starves starvey starvis starward starwood stary starye staryes staryot starys starzaker starziczny starzieker stas stasby stascy stase stasely stasemore stasey stashbury st ashe stasiak stasik stasley stass stassen stassi stassmanne stastard stastnu stastny staswncle stasy staszak staszewski statard statch statcham state stateford statelgets statem staten stater stateryz states statey statfold statford statfort statham statham-lee stathan stathard stathatos stathe stathelok stathem stathen stather stathern statherne stathers statherstaggar stathert stathesden stathom stathon stathopulos stathorne stathum stathun statia statian statings station statira statk statkartt statkewicz statkewych statman statmard statner statnigros statnigrosch staton stats statt stattard statten statter statters stattesford statthalters stattin stattion stattmiller statton statts statum statun statup status statuvell statward staty statyn stauard staub st auban staubanzie stauber st aubin st aubine staubli staubyn st aubyn staude staudenmayer stauder staudinger staudt staudte stauelay stauele stauelegh staueley stauer stauerton staufen stauffacher stauffer staugeman staughan staughon staughter staughton stauin staule staumbourn' staumburn staumford staumforth staumpe staunard staunburn stauncer staunchelore staunden staundene staundon staundon' staundone staundoun stauneford staunford staunford' staunforde staunleye staunlowe staunowey staunpys staunron staunsour staunsted staunt staunton staunton' stauntone stauntour stauport staupwick staure stauren staurenghi staurete staureth st aurin staury stauss staut stautchley stautohird stauuerne stauvell stauverne st auveure stauweye stauyn stavart stave staveacre stavel' stavelai stavelay staveld stavele stavelee staveleg' staveleia staveleie staveler staveley staveleye staveleygh staveley-gordon staveley-hill staveley-parker staveleyshirt staveley-shirt stavelin stavell stavellay stavelly stavely staven stavena stavenby stavendish stavendon stavenes stavenesby stavenhagen stavenms stavenow stavenport stavens stavenson staver staverd staverdale staveren staverne stavers stavert staverton staverton' stavertone stavertonus stavertsayner staveruke staves stavesacre stavesley staveytere stavies stavin stavinski stavisky stavley stavord stavordale stavos stavre stavridi stavro stavropoulos stavtey stavynson stavys stavystok staw staward stawart st awbyn stawe stawel stawell stawell' stawella stawelley stawen stawer stawers staweye stawford stawfort stawic' stawick stawill stawke stawkes stawkins stawle stawman stawnford stawnton stawowy stawper stawpert stawport stawt stawte stawton stawurdin' stawy stawyll staxell staxton staxtone stay stayan stayard staybancke stayce staycie staycy stayde stayer stayers stayf staygle stayk stayke stayker stayl stayland' stayle stayler stayles stayley stayll staylle staymaker staymer staymerlid staymford staymor staymore stayn staynard staynas staynbank staynbayng staynborne staynburgh staynburn staynburne staynclyff stayndely stayndrop stayndrope stayndropp stayne stayneclif staynedrop stayneford staynelay stayneley stayner staynere staynerlith staynerlyth staynerod staynerode stayners staynes staynesburn staynesby stayneton staynford staynfordbrigg staynforth stayngat stayngate stayngrave stayngrecie stayngref stayngrene stayngreve stayngrewe stayngrif stayngriue stayngrive staynhil staynholme staynier stayning stayninge stayninges staynings staynlay staynle staynley staynleye staynnesby staynoe staynol staynole staynor staynour staynow staynrod staynrode staynrop stayns staynsdelde staynton staynton' stayntone staynwath 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