Surnames beginning with Ur

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Ur. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

ur urabe uragallo urage urakmata ural uralli uram uran urand urandin' urane uranga urans urbach urback urbain urbaitis urban urbanczyk urbanek urbani urbano urbanowicz urbans urbanska urbanski urban-smith urbaya urbe urben urberton urbes urbeveteri urbin urbina urbino urbon urbvina urcewyk urch urchard urchards urchart urche urchel urchs urciaco urciato urcott urd urdacin urdang urde urdele urdelee urdesl urdeslegh urdesley urdi urding urdonis urdsley ure urech uree urefadir uregrafer ure-hummel ureli urell uren u'ren urenn uresett uresini uretholm ure-whyte urey urfe urford urg urge urgent urgeon urgeowan urguhart urhman uri urialls urian uribe uriburn uric urich uricke urid uridge urie uriel urielant urielet uriell urielle urier uries uriguen uril urill urim urin urine uring uringe urings urinowski urion urioste urittington urkel urken urkuhart urkyll url urlandi urlands urlaund urle urley urlim urlin urling urling-smith urlock urlson urlwin urlwin-smith urlyn urlyne urmastone urme urmenyi urmes urmeston urmestone urmestoune urmetzer urmine urmiston urmson urmston urmstone urmsworth urmuin urn urnaco urne urner urneshaw urness urnon urnpell urnson urnstone urnun uroine uromson uron urovitch uroyne urpat urpath urpeth urqhart urqhrts urqihaty urquahart urquart urquehart urquhard urquhart urquharte urquhart-nicol urquhart-pullen urquhay urquihart urquoila urqusa urr urray urre urrell urrent urresti urrey urreye urri urrici urrick urricus urrie urron urry urrye urry-macdonald urs ursall ursborne urse urseal ursel ursell ursene ursewik ursewyk ursfield ursgate ursi ursin ursini ursinus urskieh ursler ursleton ursley ursman ursmort urso urson urssell urssulak urston ursuf ursun ursus urswek urswick urswicke urswik urswike urswyk urswyke urtes urtetegui urtherford urthwaite urtiaco urtin urtis urtiz urton urtubey urtwin urty uruburu uruel ururn urushibara urven urvin urvoy urway urwen urwick urwicz urwin urwin-mann urwinne urwinnmarshall urwitz urwood urwyn ury uryan uryash urye urygth uryn urzedowski

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