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Sanctomich' Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'sanctomich''. In the period you have requested, we have the following 2 records (displaying 1 to 2): 

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Pipe Rolls: Warwickshire and Leicestershire (1189-1190)
The Great Rolls of the Pipe contain returns of income and expenditure from the sheriffs and farmers of the various English sheriffdoms, counties or shires and from honors and bishoprics in the hands of the crown. This is the roll for the 1st year of the reign of king Richard I, that is, accounting for the year from Michaelmas 1189 to Michaelmas 1190. Many of the individual surnames that appear are in the accounts of fines &c. levied by justices.

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Pipe Rolls: Warwickshire and Leicestershire
Feet of Fines at Bedford: Bedfordshire Cases (1198)
Pedes Finium - law suits, or pretended suits, putting on record the ownership of land. This transcript of the feet of fines of the '9th' year of the reign of king Richard I (3 September 1197 to 2 September 1198) was published by the Pipe Roll Society in 1898. The form of these proceedings is fairly standard: giving the date, the place of the hearing, and the names of the justices; the names of the plaintiffs (petentes) and defendants (tenentes) and a brief description of the land in question; the outcome of the case is a quitclaim by one party to the other, with a payment of a suitable sum. Pedes Finium entries are commonly referred to by county and then by number within a reign, and these references will be found in smaller type in the left-hand margin, e. g. Bedford. RIC. I. No. 13. These cases were heard before Geoffrey fitz Peter, Stephen Thornham, Simon Pattishall, John Guestling and James Potterne, justices in eyre at Bedford from 17 September to 25 September 1198: in fact, the original roll misdates the cases to the 9th rather than the 10th year of the reign, and this error carries through into the printed copy, so that all the dates given in the margin are 1197 where they should read 1198, and in those cases where the dating is by a day of a week, it is also one day askew: thus, where the margin says 26 September 1197, the correct date is 25 September 1198. CP 25(1)/1/2

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Feet of Fines at Bedford: Bedfordshire Cases

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