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Captains of coasters preparing to leave the port of London (1785)
The Custom House in the port of London posted daily lists of ships. The Coast List was in four parts - Colliers Entered Inwards; Coasters Entered Inwards; Coasters Entered Outwards (i. e., receiving cargo for a prospective voyage); and Coasters Cleared Outwards. Coasters entered outwards are listed by name with the surname of the captain, the name of the intended destination, and the number of the wharf at which they were docked (1 Topping's Wharf, 2 Chamberlain's Wharf, 3 Cotton's Wharf, 4 Bridge Yard, 5 Hayes's Wharf, 6 Beal's Wharf, 7 Yoxall's Wharf, 8 Griffin's Wharf, 9 Gun and Shot Wharf, 10 Simmon's Wharf, 11 Stanton's Wharf and 12 Dobbyn's Wharf, all at Tooley Street, Southwark; 13 Three Cranes Wharf, 14 Red Lion Wharf and 15 Bell Wharf, all at Upper Thames Street, London; 16 Fresh Wharf, 17 Billingsgate Dock, 18 Smart's Key, 19 Dice Key, 20 Custom-House Key, 21 Wool Key and 22 Chester Key, all at Lower Thames Street, London; 23 Iron Gate Wharf, 24 Wheeler's Wharf and 25 Harrison's Wharf, all at St Catharine's, London; 26 Scotch Wharf, 27 Hawley's Wharf and 28 Hore's Wharf, all at Hermitage; 29 Dublin Chains, 30 Yarmouth Chains, 31 Tower Chains, 32 Parsons's Chains, 33 Pickle Herring Chains, 34 Horslydown Chains, 35 Hermitage Chains, 36 Old Rose Chains; 37 Iron Gate Stairs, 38 Union Stairs, 39 East Lane Stairs, 40 Pickle Herring Stairs, 41 Wapping Old Stairs, 42 Wapping New Stairs, 43 King Edward's Stairs, 44 New Crane Stairs, 45 King James's Stairs, 46 Pelican Stairs, 47 Shadwell Stairs, 48 Bell Wharf Stairs, and 49 Stone Stairs). These lists were printed in the Daily Universal Register. May 1785.

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Captains of coasters preparing to leave the port of London

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