Surnames beginning with Cl

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Cl. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

claare claas claasen claason claass claassen claassens claasseus claassins claasz clabaud clabault clabbon clabburn clabby clabe claber clabham clabon clabond clabons claborough clabos clabour clabowd clabrough claburn clace clacee clacey clacford clachan clachar clachartie clache clacher clacherty clachman clachner clachrie clack clackarett clacke clacker clackere clackers clackes clacket clackett clackey clackham clackitt clackle clacklow clackman clackmore clackson clackstne clackston clackwell clacky clacthon clacton clactone clactworthy clacy cladd cladde claddenbowl claddingbole claddo clade cladecott cladehurst claden claderow cladie cladingbold cladingbould cladingbowl cladingbowle cladish cladman cladon cladwell clady clae claeijs claek claendona claer claerhaghen claerk claerke claerry claes claesby claese claesen claesens claessen claessens claesson claever claeys claferton claff clafferton claffey claffle clafflin clafford clafford' claffy claflin claford clafton clagart clagatt claget clagett clagg claggatt clagget claggett claggit clagh clagheton claghorn claghton clagin clagne clagore clagshw clagston clagstoun clagthon clague clahal' clahall clahalle claham clahane clahaule clahisy clahull clahull' clai claia claiborne claibrne claibroc claiden claidene claidich claidiche claidon claie claigat' claiget claigh claighton claigue claiis clailand claimond clain claincy claindon' claiphame claipol clair clairac clairant clairat claire claireaux clairecote clairfait clair-ford clairmont clairmonte clairon clair-rogers clairs clair-stuart clair-thompson clairvaux clais claisbye claise claisen claislar claison claisse claisshe claisson claisson' claissone claister claite claitman claiton claiton' claitonn claiur claivile claix claiyton claiz clak clake clakesbi clakesby clakeston claketon claketon' claketorp' clakin clakisby clakke clakkston clakre clakton clalaine claland claloner clalvert clalworthy clam clamageran claman clamance clamant clamantson clamassn clamator clamber clambergh clamberlain clamboy clamcey clamedy clamens clamerden clamers clamet clammisn clammots clamo clamont clamorgan clamp clampard clamparde clampayn clampe clamper clamperd clampet clampett clamping clampit clampitt clampney clampton clamptree clamrock clamson clamsy clamtre clamtree clamy clan clanachan clanahan clanbold clanboye clanboys clanbrasil clanbrassil clancarty clanccy clance clancee clances clancey clanch clancherty clanchettini clanchey clanchie clanchy clancock clanct clancy clandaning clandanning clandano clandenning clandero clandfield clandillon clandinnen clandinning clandon clandonalds clandt clandulkan clane claneboy claneboye clanefeld clanefeld' clanefelde clanefeud clanefeud' claneford claner clanere clanes claneson clanet clanevow clanevowe claney clanfeld clanfield clanford clang clangen clanharty claningbould clanis clanmorris clann clannick clannowe clanny clannybond clano clanochan clanorchn clanranald clanregge clanricade clanricarde clanrickard clanrickarde clanrigge clansby clansel clansey clansfield clansie clanso clanson clanson-thue clansye clansz clant clante clanteleye clanton clantree clantun clanvill clanville clanvin clanvo clanvow clanvowe clanwilliam clany clanye clanzy claoin claoun clap clapain clapam clapan clapane clapcoat clapcot clapcote clapcott clape clapecote clapeham clapen clapenburgh claper claperton clapertoun clapham claphame claphams claphamson claphan claphanson claphou claphoune claphov clapier clapiez clapin clapinson clapish clapison clapitous clapitus claple clapman clapmeier clapmues clapnbrg clapon clapott clapp clappam clappe clappen clappenburgh clappenton clapper clappersn clapperson clappertn clapperton clappertoun clappertoune clappesfold clappeson clapphoe clappinsale clappison clappon clapporn clappuson clappyates claproth clapschethe clapsham clapshaw clapshawe clapshethe clapshew clapshoe clapsom clapson clapston clapstorp' clapstow clapthorn clapthorne clapthorpe clapton clapton' claptus clapull clapume clapwell clapwelle clapworthty claque clar clar' clara clarabut clarac claraco clarage clarance claras claray claraz clarbaur clarbeck clarbecke clarborne clarborough clarbour clarbrough clarburgh clarburght clarce clarchal' clarck clarcke clarckeson clarckson clarckston clarckus clarcus clarcye clard clarde clardge clardon clards clardson clare clareb' clareborough clarebottoms clarebrough clareburgh clareburn clarebut claregate clarehage clarehagen clarehaggen clarehaghen clare-hobbs clarek clarekyn clarel clareley clareleye clarell clarell' clarelli clarembault claremont claren clarenbone clarence clarences clarencesmith clarencius clarency clarencys clarendon clarendon' clarendon-godfrey clarene clarens clarenshaw clarentieux clarentio clarentius clarenza clares claresby clareson claret clareton claretone clare-tregilgas clarett clareuaux clarevaux clarewalle clarey clarfait clarfelt clarg clarge clarges clargis clargo clargy clarhage clarhagen clarhaghen clarhargen clari claric clarice clariceson claricia claricoat claricoates claricoats claridfe claridg claridge claridgeclark clarie clarier clariffe clariheu clarin clarina clarinbon clarinburn clarinburne claringbold claringbole claringbould claringbowl claringbull claringburn claringburne claringford clarini claris clarisge clarison clarisse clarissime clarissimi clarissimus clarisson clarisvallibus clarity clarius clariz clarje clarjson clark clark-barancle clark-barnacle clarkby clarkdale clarke clarke-baylis clarkec clarke-campbell clarke-campbell-preston clarke-claire clarkecook clarked clarke-davis clarke-jervoise clarke-jones clarke-lrons clarke-morris clarken clarkenson clarker clarke ramsden clarkes clarkeson clarkeston clarkestone clarke-thornhill clarke-williams clark-hall clark-hunt clark-hutchison clarkin clarkington clarkinson clark-jones clark-kennedy clark-lewis clark-maxwell clark-nichols clarkr clarkro clarks clarksen clark-smith clarkso clarkson clarksonb clarksone clarksonn clarksons clarkson-webb clarkston clarkstone clark-titman clark-turner clarkus clarkvon clarl clarle clarman clarmont clarmount clarnley claro claroe clarofago claromonte claron claros clarot claroten clarredge clarrett clarributt clarricoates clarricoats clarridge clarris clarro clarrrbutt clarry clarryvince clarryvine clarson clart clarton clarue clarvaulx clarvaux clarvax clarveato clarver clarves clarvetto clarviato clarvis clarvise clarvo clarvys clary claryk claryndon claryngbolle claryngdon claryon clarys claryvince clasbee clasbey clasby clascrok clase clasemont clasen clasen' clasey clasford clash clashofska clasick clasing clasinus clasire claske clasman clasny clason clasone claspar claspcott clasper claspeschethe claspshaw clasquin class classan classcocke classe classed classeham classen classey classic classick classin classing classon classy clasta clasteke clastelin clastol claston claston' clasy clat clate claten clater clatercote clatercotes clatere claterenboss clatford clatford' clathal' clathero clathery clathon clathorp clathorp' clathrow clatigny clatk clatmon claton claton' clator clatr' clatrecote clatt clattefeld' clatter clattercoates clattercotes clattison clatton clattorp' clattory clatwich clatwortey clatworth clatworthe clatworthy clatw'thy clau claubry clauceis claucher claud claude claude-king claudel clauden claudensnovo clauder claudet claudiano claudinnen claudio claudius claudon claudot clauds claudus claudy clauebrok clauedone clauel clauell clauering clauerynge clauge claugh claughan claugher claughten claughton claugon claugton clau'ha' clauill clauill' clauilla clauille clauncy claunfeld clauntler claur claus clausade clause clausel clausen clausen-thue clausey claushay clausie clausius clauso clauson clausonthue clauson-thue clauss claussade clausse claussen claussey claussn clausson clauston clauston-thue claustre claustro clauton clautone clauveau clauworth clavairac clavaldini clavarley clave clavee claveira clavel claveland claveley clavell clavell-bate clavelleshay clavelshay clavequin claver claverburek' claverburgh claverdon clavere claverele claverger clavergos claverhulle claverie claverigg clavering claveringe claveringg claveringge claverle claverley claverleye claverly claverrys clavers clavert claverton claverts clavery claveryne claveryng claverynge claveryngg claveryngge claves clavesay clavet clavett clavey claveyn claviato clavie clavier claviere clavieres claviger clavil clavile clavill claville clavin clavinggton clavins claviot clavis clavitt clavons clavor clavour clavring clavy clavyle clavyll clavynger claw clawdy clawe clawerth clawerworth clawes clawghton clawley clawlow clawner claworth claworth' clawrise clawrth claws clawse clawser clawsing clawson clawsone clawsor clawton clawurth claxbe claxbene claxby claxbyplukacre claxebi claxeby claxeton claxham claxon claxson claxston claxstone claxthon claxthorp' claxton claxtone clay clayard clayards claybon clayborn clayborne clayborough claybourn claybourne claybroc claybrock claybrok claybroke claybrook claybrooke claybrough claybruke clayburn clayburne claycroft claydelegh clayden clayder claydich claydiche claydon claydon' claydonclayton claydone claydose claydoun claydych claye clayen clayer clayes clayesson clayette clayfe clayfeild clayfield clayfield-ireland clayfielfd clayfoot clayford clayforth claygate clay-hallen clayhanger clayhangr' clayhill clayhille clayhills clayhills-henderson clayhithe clayholt clayhorne clayhurst clayland clayley claylyn clayman claymond claymonde claymound claymund clayne claynes clayor claypam claypham clayphan claypit claypitt clayp'le claypol claypole claypole-smith claypoll' claypon claypool claypoole claypoule clayrandall clayre clayristics clays claysbury claysby clayse clayshe clayshew clay-smith clayson claysone claysse claysson claysson' clayssone clayster clayt clayteford clayter clayth claythorpe clayt'n claytom clayton clayton' claytona claytonchubb claytonclerke clayton-cooper clayton-cowell claytone clayton-east clayton-graham clayton-greene clayton-jones clayton-lloyd claytonm clayton-morris claytons clayton-smith clayton-wright claytor claytron clayve clayvyll clayworth clazey clazy clbeck clcaver clcheth cldcleugh cle clea cleaall cleabe cleaborne cleaden cleadon cleaf cleager cleak cleake cleal clealand cleale cleall cleamanes cleamans cleamason cleament clean cleane cleanefield cleangre cleangur cleans cleany cleapole cleapoll cleaques clear cleare clearehage clearer cleares clearey cleargate clearhue clearihue clearing cleark clearke clearkin clearkson clearland clearly clearry clears clearson cleary cleas cleasbey cleasbi cleasbie cleasby cleasbye clease cleaseby cleasly cleason cleat cleater cleathe cleather cleatherington cleathero cleathers cleathing cleathinge cleaton cleator cleats cleaungre cleave cleaveland cleaveley cleavely cleaver cleaver-howard cleavering cleaverly cleavertey cleaves cleavey cleavin cleavland cleavley cleavor cleay cleban cleband clebansky clebbery clebe clebec cleblat clebo cleborne clebrook cleburn cleburne clebury cleby clec clech clecham cleche clecher clechewarton clecketts cleckley cleckner cledden clede clederawe clederhow clederhowe cledero clederow clederowe cledesdale cledge cledowne cledques cledraw cledro cledrow cledwyn-smith clee cleeaver cleef cleefe cleeff cleeg cleek cleeland cleen cleene cleenwerk cleer cleere cleergate cleerhagen cleerhaghen cleerk cleers cleery clees cleesbie cleese cleeson cleet cleeter cleetet cleeton cleets cleeve cleeveland cleeveley cleevely cleever cleevers cleeves cleevley cleevor cleevs cleeworth cleexton cleeyer clef cleff cleffedone cleffeld cleffton clefold cleford cleft cleftanitan clefte cleftin clefton cleg clegat clegate clegatt clege clegent clegett clegg cleggatt cleggcoult clegge cleggellis cleggett clegg-hill cleggitt clegg-newton cleggs clegh clegham cleghe clegher cleghon cleghorn cleghorne clegorne clegram clegson clegus clehangre clehaungr' cleher clehere clehh clehonger clehugh clehungere clei cleia cleiberi cleiburne cleica cleich cleidene cleidych cleies cleife cleiff cleig cleigate cleigh cleighorne cleightonhills cleike cleiland clein cleince cleindon cleiner cleinhart cleipol cleirehaigen cleis cleisby cleiscy cleish cleiton cleitson cleive cleiveland cleiverdon cleiz clek cleker clelan cleland cleland-henderson clelch clelford clellan clelland clelling clelnd clelow clem clem' clemage cleman clemance clemans clemant clemants clemas clemason clematson clemay clemce cleme clemecke clemell clemen clemence clemeneson clemenet clemenger clemenroy clemens clemenshaw clemensn clemenson clement clement-brown clemente clementes clementesson clementhorp clementi clemention clementis clementi-smith clementissancti clements clementsen clements-frazer clementsn clementson clement-thomas clemerested' clemers clemerson clemes clemesha clemeshaw clemeson clemeston clemestra clemet clemets clemetshawe clemetson clemett clemetts clemettson clemich clemie cleming cleminger clemins cleminshaw cleminson clemis clemisha clemishaw clemison clemiss clemiston clemits clemitshare clemitshaw clemitson clemitt clemitts clemm clemmans clemmence clemmends clemmenel clemmens clemmenson clemment clemments clemmerson clemmeson clemmet clemmetsen clemmett clemmey clemmings clemmison clemmisson clemmit clemmitt clemmons clemmow clemmowe clemms clemmy clemnanes clemngtn clem'ns clem'nt clemnts clemntsn clemo clemoe clemoes clemon clemonel clemonger clemons clemonson clemont clemonts clemow clemowe clempson clempston clems clemsha clemson clemson-mason clemtshaw clemy clemye clen clenachan clenaghan clenaham clenahan clenant clenaunt clencey clench clenchauton clenche clenchewarton clenchwarton clency clendall clendan clenden' clendenin clendening clendenning clendinen clendining clendinnen clendinning clendinnon clend'n clendon clendon' clendonm clendoun clendun' clene clenefeld clenefelde clenefeud clenehill clenell clenend clenerley clenes clenewalle cleney clenfeild clenfeld clenh clenhall clenhand clenhill clenhond clenhull clenish clenke clenland clennan clennel clennell clennen clennet clennett clennick clennie clenning clennon cleno clenochan clenok clenon clenoweth clenowich clensey clenshaw clenson clensy clent clentche clente clenteleg' clenten clenteworth clenthe clentin clenton clentton clenucle clenuele clenues clenyng cleo cleoberry cleoburey cleobury cleod cleoments cleon cleot cleovely clepam clepane clepbane clepe clepenne cleper cleperton clepham clephan clephane clephans clephin clepole clepp cleppesham clepping cleppyng clepsham clepton cleptoun cler cler' clera cleraliere clerall clerbaud clerbaut clerbec clerbeck' clerbek clerc clerc' clerck clercke clercks clercq clercson clercwyf clerdew clerdye clere clereband clerebaud clerebek clereburg clerefeet cleregate clerehethe clerekes clereland clerembault cleremerdall cleremont cleremound cleremunt clerenabud clerenbaud clerenbo clerence clerens clerer cleres cleresville clereuas clerevall' clerevaus clerevaux clerey clerfait clerfunt clerge clergenet clerges clerget clergue clergys clerhaeghen clerhagen clerhaghen clerhek cleri cleric clerici clerico clericus clerides cleridge cleriel clerihew clerihue clering clerionet clerionett cleris clerison cleriton cleriz clerk clerk' clerkdoghter clerke clerke brown clerke-brown clerkek clerken clerkenewell clerkenewell' clerkenwell clerkes clerkeson clerkesone clerkessone clerkeston clerkheved clerkin clerkle clerkman clerk-maxwell clerkmayden clerkney clerk-rattray clerks clerkso clerksom clerkson clerksonn clerkwyfe clermatyn clermon clermond clermont clermoule clermund' clermunt clern clernaux clerne clernens clero cleroch cleron cleroy clerrell clers clersby clerson clersson cleruaus clerval clervault clervaulx clervaus clervaux clervax clerverers clerves clerveyng clervice clerville clervys clery cleryke cleryvaus cleryz cles clesbe clesbey clesbie clesbury clesby clesbye clesebi clesebruk cleseby clesfrd cleshull clesley clesor clessam clesseby clessi clessold clessy clest clestek clesteke clester cleston clestone cletcher cleteham cleter cleterbelle cleterk' cletern cletford cletham clethe cletheman cletherall clethere clethero cletheroe cletherole cletherow cletherowe clethewe clethorp clethou clethro clethrow cletlet cleton cletor cletpol cletter cletton cletwde cleua cleuache cleuch cleudenen cleudon' cleue cleuely cleuer cleuet cleugh cleuley cleulow cleur cleurott cleuston cleuyn cleuyng clevage clevaler clevane clevar cleve cleveby clevedon clevedone cleveerley clevehogge cleveland cleveland-stevens clevelend-stevens cleveley clevelly clevelnd clevelod clevelode clevelond clevely cleven clevenant clevenger clever cleverdon clevering cleverkirk cleverland cleverlet cleverley cleverleye cleverly cleverl'y clevers cleverskerke cleversley cleverton cleverty clevery cleves clevesbee clevestein clevett clevey clevill cleville clevin clevland clevley clevnhusn clevorton clevyll clevyn clevyng clew cleward cleware clewe cleweley clewell clewen clewentson clewer cleweray clewere clewes clewet clewett clewin clewis clewit clewitt clewland clewlay clewley clewlo clewlow clewlowe clewly clewman clewnan cleworth cleworthe clews clewse clews-gribbins clewson clewston clewton clexton cley cleya cleybir' cleyboorne cleyborne cleybrok cleybroke cleybrook cleybrooke cleybrough cleyburne cleyd cleyden cleydich cleydon cleydon' cleye cleyenton cleyes cleyfeld cleyford cleygate cleyhanger cleyhangre cleyhethe cleyhole cleyland cleyleg' cleylond cleymond cleymont cleymund cleymunde cleymundestowe cleyn cleynch cleyndert cleynefeld cleynes cleynge cleynis cleynton cleypole cleypoole cleypooll cleys cleysby cleyson cleyssone cleyte cleyton cleywadel cleyworth cleyz clezio clezy clfton clibbary clibbe clibben clibbens clibbery clibbet clibbett clibbin clibbins clibbitt clibbon clibbore clibborn clibborne clibburn clibburne cliberon cliberry clibery cliborne clibra clibran clibrans clibrin clibron cliburn cliburne click clicke cl'ico clicold clicoter clicquet cl'icus clide cliderchou cliderhawe cliderho cliderhou cliderhow cliderhowe clidero cliderou cliderow cliderowe clideroy clidesdale clidesden clidhou clidro clidroo clidsoak clidton clief cliefden clieff cliefold clieft clieland clien clies clieve clieveland clieveley clievland clif clif' clifard clifbikerton clifden clifdon clife cliff cliff' cliffard cliffdon cliffe cliffeild cliffen cliffer clifferton cliffes cliffey cliffi cliffin cliffinch cliffing cliffinger clifflar' cliff-mcculloch cliff-m'culloch cliffold cliffon clifford clifford' clifford-baynes clifforde clifford-eskell cliffordi cliffordier cliffordir clifford-jones clifford-smith clifford-turner cliffort clifforth clifforthe cliff-page cliffrd clifft cliffton cliffurd clifheye cliflond cliford cliford' cliforde cliford-smith clifron clifson clift clifte cliften cliftin clifto clifton clifton' cliftona clifton-brown clifton-browne cliftone clifton-knight clifton-mogg cliftonn clifton-riley clifton-smith cliftton' cliftu'e cliftun clifyon clige cligg clignet clignett cliketot cliland clilborne cliley clilvard clilverd clim climance climas climax clime climenko climens climenson climention climer climes climic climie climins climinson climmo climmons climo climore climpesfaude climpesfolde climpinge climpson climpton clims climson climton' climundesbur' clin clinas clinbton clincamp clincard clincarte clince clinch clincham clinchamp clinche clincheades clincher clinchy clinck clinckar clinckard clincker clinckerd clinckett clinckhamberg clinclod clincott clincumberry clincumbury clinden clindenin clindening clindinning clindon cline clinee clinekard clines cliney cling clingan clingand clingbell clinger clingham clingin clinging clingman clingo clingon clingraef clingraeff clingraff clinick clinie clinison clink clinkabury clinkard clinke clinkenborch clinker clinkes clinket clinkett clinkhamberry clinkhambury clinkmel clinkscales clinkshell clinkskles clinn clinnick clinning clinnock clino clinock clinshaw clinskails clinson clinsti clinston clint clint' clinter clintero clintfield clintherow clintinden' clinto clinton clinton' clinton-abbott clinton-baddeley clinton-baker clintonfaston clintonm clinton-thomas clintook clintoun clintron clintt clintworth clinymgham clionker cliot clip clipconte clipe cliper cliperton clipesbi clipesby clipesthorp clipeston clipeston' clipestorp cliphan cliphant clipindale clipisby clippard clippe clippele clipper clippertn clipperton clippertron clippes clippesby clippesfaud' clippeston clippeston' clippestorp clippethorp clippeton' clippier clippindale clipping clipping' clippingdale clippinger clippings clipprton clippuck clippwill clippyng clipsam clipsby clipsham clipshaw clipshm clipsom clipson clipstein clipston clipstone clipstorp clipton clipton' cliptorp clipwell cliquennois cliquet clirch clirchugh clire clireheugh clirehugh clirvemort clisby clisdell clisdoghter clisdryer clise clisebi clish clisham clishold clisold clison clisoold clisot clisp cliss clissald clissals clisseby clisseld clisset clissett clissold clissone clist clister cliston clistone clistor clistow clit clitch clitden clitecan cliterbuck cliterow clitford clithe clitherall clitherhow clithero clitheroe clitheron clitherow clitherowe clitherrow clithew clithorne clithrall clitrey clitsom clitsome clitson clitsone clitt clittborn clitte clitter clitterbooke clitterie clitters clittherow clitton cliua cliuacher cliuaker cliue cliueden' cliuedon' cliusse cliva clivache clivbe clive cliveden clivedon clivedon' clivedone clivedun' clive-griffin clivelade cliveland clivelaund clivelaunde clivele cliveley cliveleye clivelond clive-lowe clively clive-powell cliveprioris cliver cliverd cliverden cliverdon cliverton cliverugg' clivery clives clivesend clive-spencer 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cloghesy cloghton clogie clogstone clogstoun clogy clohale clohall' clohalle cloherty clohessy clohessy-griffin clohesy clohnol clohosey clohosy clohys cloice cloid cloiepis cloieton cloiree cloiret cloisen cloisser cloiston clok cloka cloke clokefeld clokeman cloker cloket clokey clokie cloky clokyr clollietis clolmeley clolow clolton clolws clomnell clomps clompt clompus clomson clon clon' clona clonam clonan clonard clonbrock clonbroek clonbrook cloncaird cloncarry cloncey cloncor cloncurry clonde clonden clonder clondes clone cloney clonfert clong clongeele clongnas clongoneford clongonford clonhall clonich clonings clonmanymore clonmehere clonmel clonmell clonmore clonne clonnell clonney clonry clonsen clonshanafin clonshee clonsinger clont clontis clonton clonville clonvyle clony clood cloodde cloogh clook clooke clooley cloonan clooncony cloonegarragh clooney cloonon cloop cloos cloose clooss cloot cloote clootwyck clootwyk clootz clopashick clopastrick clopcote clopcott 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