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Before the 1850s, spelling of surnames was very variable, particularly in the Middle Ages. Browse through these lists, showing all the spellings found in our records, to trace variants.

Aa Ab Ac Ad Ae Af Ag Ah Ai Aj Ak Al Am An Ao Ap Aq Ar As At Au Av Aw Ax Ay Az Ba Bb Bc Bd Be Bg Bh Bi Bj Bk Bl Bm Bn Bo Bp Bq Br Bs Bt Bu Bv Bw By Bz Ca Cc Cd Ce Cf Cg Ch Ci Cj Ck Cl Cm Cn Co Cp Cq Cr Cs Ct Cu Cv Cw Cx Cy Cz Da Db Dc Dd De Df Dg Dh Di Dj Dk Dl Dm Dn Do Dp Dq Dr Ds Dt Du Dv Dw Dy Dz Ea Eb Ec Ed Ee Ef Eg Eh Ei Ej Ek El Em En Eo Ep Eq Er Es Et Eu Ev Ew Ex Ey Ez Fa Fd Fe Ff Fg Fh Fi Fj Fl Fn Fo Fp Fq Fr Fs Ft Fu Fw Fy Fz Ga Gb Gc Gd Ge Gf Gg Gh Gi Gj Gk Gl Gm Gn Go Gp Gq Gr Gs Gt Gu Gv Gw Gx Gy Gz Ha Hb Hc Hd He Hf Hg Hh Hi Hj Hk Hl Hm Hn Ho Hp Hr Hs Ht Hu Hv Hw Hx Hy Hz Ia Ib Ic Id Ie If Ig Ih Ii Ij Ik Il Im In Io Ip Iq Ir Is It Iu Iv Iw Ix Iy Iz Ja Jb Jc Jd Je Jf Jh Ji Jk Jl Jm Jn Jo Jp Jq Jr Ju Jv Jw Jy Ka Kb Kc Kd Ke Kh Ki Kj Kk Kl Km Kn Ko Kp Kq Kr Ks Kt Ku Kv Kw Ky La Lb Lc Ld Le Lf Lg Lh Li Lj Lk Ll Lm Ln Lo Lp Lr Ls Lt Lu Lv Lw Ly Ma Mb Mc Md Me Mf Mg Mh Mi Mj Mk Ml Mm Mn Mo Mp Mq Mr Ms Mt Mu Mv Mw Mx My Mz Na Nc Nd Ne Ng Nh Ni Nj Nk Nl Nm Nn No Np Nq Nr Ns Nt Nu Nv Nw Nx Ny Nz Oa Ob Oc Od Oe Of Og Oh Oi Oj Ok Ol Om On Oo Op Oq Or Os Ot Ou Ov Ow Ox Oy Oz Pa Pb Pc Pd Pe Pf Pg Ph Pi Pk Pl Pm Pn Po Pp Pr Ps Pt Pu Pv Pw Px Py Qa Qe Qh Qi Qn Qo Qr Qs Qu Qv Qw Qy Ra Rb Rc Rd Re Rf Rg Rh Ri Rl Rm Rn Ro Rp Rr Rs Rt Ru Rv Rw Ry Rz Sa Sb Sc Sd Se Sf Sg Sh Si Sj Sk Sl Sm Sn So Sp Sq Sr Ss St Su Sv Sw Sx Sy Sz T Ta Tb Tc Td Te Tg Th Ti Tj Tk Tl Tm Tn To Tp Tr Ts Tt Tu Tv Tw Ty Tz Ua Ub Uc Ud Ue Uf Ug Uh Ui Uj Uk Ul Um Un Uo Up Uq Ur Us Ut Uu Uv Uw Ux Uy Uz Va Vb Vc Vd Ve Vf Vg Vh Vi Vk Vl Vm Vn Vo Vp Vr Vs Vt Vu Vv Vw Vy Wa Wb Wc Wd We Wg Wh Wi Wj Wk Wl Wm Wn Wo Wp Wq Wr Ws Wt Wu Wv Ww Wx Wy Xa Xc Xe Xi Xl Xm Xo Xp Xr Xt Xu Xy Ya Yb Yc Yd Ye Yf Yg Yh Yi Yk Yl Ym Yn Yo Yp Yr Ys Yt Yu Yv Yw Yy Yz Za Zb Zc Zd Ze Zg Zh Zi Zl Zm Zo Zr Zs Zu Zv Zw Zx Zy


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