Common Errors

  1. Entering email address incorrectly - Please take care to type your email address correctly when you first register with us especially, because the password will be issued to the incorrect email address and you will not be able to log-in, we will not be able to contact you to tell you of the error.
  2. Spam - We have experienced problems with users' computers listing our registration/new emails as spam. Please check your spam setting so that it does not delete our emails to you.
  3. View documents - To see your purchased documents you need to log-in, click 'Your Purchases', and then click 'Download' at the end of the records details.
  4. Don't be surprised - when you purchase a record/document that this may produce many separate pages for you to view according to the number of entries we have found for the surname in the record.
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If you are still having problems please do not hesitate to contact us at:

The Original Record
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