Surnames beginning with Mi

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Mi. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

mi miach miackin miaer miagh miaghe mial miale miall mialle miall-smith miam mian m'ian mianakshaiya mian hayaud din miara miars miart miarteni mias miases miash miassine miastechko miatt miaty miaulis miause miauton mibbe miburt mic' micaedagan micaedgayn micah micaleg micali micallee micallef micallef eynaud micalleg mically micanek micaroy micarte micarter micas micaut miccan miccasyn miccham micci micconmara miccoti micdonchid micdonnchaydi mice micel miceli micellyohyt micenkoyg micgillabridi micgillanomach micgillapadryg micgillaphadraigf micgillephadraig micgyllarnargh mich mich' michadd michael michaelbecker michaelburg michaele michaeli michaelides michaelin michaeliones michaelis michaelissohn michael-jones michaell michaellonce michaells michaelmore michaelo michaeloff michaelovich michaelovitch michaelovsky michaelowski michael-phillips michaels michaelsen michael-shaw michael-smith michaelsn michaelsohn michaelson michaelson-yeates michaelsoune michaelstowe michaelwaite michaelwright michaely michaewll michaffey michahoy michail michailidis michaille michailovitch michal michalak michalburgh michales michalevsky michalewicz michalik michalinos michalitsianos michalkiewicz michall michallat michallat-cox michalman michalmr michalo michalopoulos michalopulo michalos michalowicz michalowski michalowsky michals michalski michalson micham michan michand michangula michant michard michau michaud michaudel michault michaut michaux michawl michay michblosay miche michea micheal micheals michealson micheam michean micheau michecok michedore michedour' michefield michegros micheham micheing michel michelacher michelbach michelbacher michelborn michelborne michelboro michelborough michelbourn michelbourne michelburgh michelburn michelburne micheldean michel-denys micheldere micheldeuere micheldeure micheldever micheldevere micheldevre micheldiue michele micheledeiu' michelegros micheleham michelena michelesham michelet micheletti michelfeld michelgrove michelhal michelhalgh michelham micheli michelin michell michell-clarke michelle michellepis michellet michelleye michellhill michelli michellmore michellot michells michellson michellsonn michelly michelman michelmann michelmore michelomore micheloni michelot michelotte michelotti michels michel-sainton michelsen michel-smith michelsn michelson michelsone michelsoun michelssen michelstouwe michelton michelton' michelucci michelwyf michely michemore michen michenar michender michener michenner michenson micheolborne micher micheson michett micheweie michewrin michey michez michgalinos michha' michie michiel michielawrence michiell michiells michiels michielse michielsen michielson michielssen michieltz michielzy michigan michil michildever michildovere michilet michilgrove michill michillond michills michils michilson michin michinell michiner miching miching' michingby michingham michinson michinton michison michisson michiyarai michiyari mich'l michlasker michle michleburgh michlem michlethwaite michlewitz michlig michlowists mich'ls michna michne michner michnowski micho michod michofsky michol micholka micholl micholls micholovitz michols micholson michon michonne michstarrid michton' miciff micinochona micjlethwaite mick mickalis mickalson mickan mickarayn mickbat mickecs mickeilson mickeith mickel mickelam mickelashatsky mickelborough mickelborrowe mickelbrough mickelburgh mickelby mickelfeld mickelfelde mickelfield mickeljohn mickell mickellamore mickells mickels mickelson mickelthwaite mickelthwate mickelwhite mickelwright mickenson micker mickerson mickes mickeson mickethwait mickey mickfeild mickham mickhelsen mickhin mickholes mickhouse mickie mickil mickilbrig mickilfeild mickilfelde mickilthwate mickilwayte mickin mickins micklam micklan mickland micklbrg micklburgh mickle mickleboro mickleborough mickleborowe micklebrough micklebrowne mickleburg mickleburgh mickleburr micklebury mickleby micklefeild micklefen micklefield micklefoeld micklehurst micklejohn micklekeath micklem micklen mickler mickles micklesburgh micklesen micklesfield mickleson micklethayd micklethwaie micklethwair micklethwairte micklethwait micklethwaite micklethwaote micklethwate micklethwayt micklethwayte micklethwerte micklethwright mickleton mickletwait mickletwaite mickleurr micklewait micklewaite micklewaithe micklewhit micklewhite micklewight micklewite micklewood micklewright mickley micklgohn micklin mickljohn micklos micklow micklton micklwayth micklwright mickly mickm mickman micknab mickolds micks micksern mickston mickwain mickwell mickworth micle micleburgh miclefeld micleham micleker miclesco-prajesco miclordly micmichael micnamara micneil mico micocke micoe micoh micol m'icoll micolt miconcuyr miconmara micoud micqauean micquean micraff micricardmareda microft microp micruicsayn micrulachi micthell micue miculetsky micuorinyla micus miczynski mid mida midaclf midani midas midcalf midcalfe midckleburgh midcuff midd midd' midda middall' middaugh midday middeburn middeditch middegate middehal middehale middel middelaar middelacr' middelaer middeland middelborgh middelburg' middelburgh middelcot middelcote middelcumbe middeldich middeldon middeldon' middeldorp middelesburg middelesburgh middeleye middelhala middelhale middelham middelheved middelhop' middelhope middell middelmor middelmore middelney middelneye middelnye middelond middelonde middelrasen middelsburghe middelsex middelton middelton' middeltoncaynes middeltone middeltonn middeltun middelwode middelworth middelworthe middelworthy middelwude middemore middenhal' middenham middenhull middenhulle midder midderigh middesmore middethone middeton middey middhap middhirst middhop middicot middiham middilcote middilham middilmaist middilmast middilton middilton' middiltone middiltoun middilwode middiman middis midditon middlam middlane middlaton middle middleboro middleborough middlebro middlebroff middlebroke middlebrook middlebrooke middlebrooks middlebrough middlebroughe middleburg middleburgh middlecoat middlecoate middlecot middlecote middlecott middlecount middledell middledhurst middlediith middleditch middledith middledorp middlefeild middlefell middlefield middlegast middleham middleheve middlehirst middlehook middlehope middlehurst middlehust middleluss middlemaist middleman middlemarsh middlemas middlemass middlemast middlemat middlemess middlemest middlemis middlemiss middlemist middlemoor middlemoore middlemor middlemor' middlemore middlemore-whithard middlemoss middlemost middlenast middler middlerouse middlesbrough middlesburgh middlesden middlesell middlesex middleship middless middlestaff middleston middlestone middlestorb middlestrete middlesworth middletn middlet'n middleto middleton middleton' middleton-andrews middleton-corfield middletone middleton-evans middleton-jones middleton-joy middletonmills middleton-murry middletons middleton-smith middleton-stewart middleton-taylor middleton-trimm middleton-west middletun' middleweek middlewich middlewick middlewood middlewright middleyard middleyon middliton middlmas middloten middltein middltn middlt'n middlton middl'ton middop middows middup middway middwinter middwood middylton mideagh mideford midehal' mideherst midehop midelage midelborou midelburgh midelcoton' midelehowe midelemor midelesburgh mideley midelham midelhan midelheved midelheveth midelhope midelinton midell midelmore midelney midelneye midelnye midelsborough midelsburg midelseburgh midelsham midelston midelton midelton' mideltona mideltone mideltoun mideltun mideltune midelum midelwoda midelwode midelworthy midelyngtone miden midendori miderson mideton midewyf midewynter midfley midford midforth midfrier midfurth midgall midgby midge midgeall midgecocke midgele midgeley midgelly midgelow midgely midgen midget midgett midgfley midghall midgin midgitt midglay midgley midgley-carver midgly midha midhake midham midhap midhas midheach midhop midhope midhurst midhurstc midhurste midi midia midi-aldis midie midiford midigliani midilburg midilburgh midilfeld midilham midilho midilhowe midilton midilton' midiltone midiltoun midilworthi midkerke midkiff midlaine midlam midlan midland midlane midlaned midlans midlare midlash midlaye midleborough midleborow midlebrook midlebrooke midlebrough midlebroughe midlebrouke midlecot midlecott midleham midlehows midlehurst midlemas midlemer midlemis midlemist midlemore midlen midlers midlesburg midlesburg' midlesmore midless midleton midleton' midletone midletonus midleweek midlewood midley midlibrook midlicott midlige midlingeton' midlisburg midloursky midlow midlton midlyngtone midlyntone midmay midmer midmor midmore midmr midnall midon midop midrass midreith midrewode midrick midrig midrigge midsholl midsley midsomter midson midston midton midtoun miduan' miducroft midullun midun midward midway midwell midwife midwinter midwintr midwint'r midwode midwood midwoodd midworth midwynter midy midyett midylton midzutani miebach miebs miecham miecznik miecznikowski miedbrot miede miedema mieden mieder miedinger miedwill miedzianowski miedzybrodzki mieg miege miegeruaster miehler miehner mieklejohn miel miele mielgo mielke miell mieller miellmann mielman mielmann mielnicka miels mielsch mien mienchichet miene mienes mienke mienroy mienuth mier mieran mierander mieras mierbeck miere mieres mierk mierkewicus miermont miernsath mierop mierre miers miersch miert mies miesch miesegaes mieser miesler miesner miessner miessnies mieszkis mietfe miethe miether miethers miette mietts mieurre mieussey miever mieville mieze miffan miffen miffin miffing miffitt miffitte mifflem mifflen mifflim mifflin miffling mifford mifgley mifield miflen miflin mifon mifond miford mifranceys mifsud mifsut mift migaat migael migalt migault migaw migdal migden migdisoff migdol migeal migeall migean migeham migele migeley migell migels migeoch migeot miger migeslay miget migge miggelay miggele miggeley miggeleye miggelye miggent miggeridge miggett miggin miggint miggison miggitt miggleton miggot miggs mighall migham mighan mighane mighau mighel mighelistowe mighell mighell-cox mighells mighels mighelstow mighil mighill mighils m'ighlin mighorini might mighte mightom mighton mights mighty migill migillafoil migillie miglani miglaw miglay migleoircee migley migliavacca migliorucci miglon miglow mignaguy mignan mignano mignant mignard migners mignet mignienne mignon mignot mignott mignowitz mignt migom migona migot migotti migraugh migson miguel miguet migun migwood miha mihagan mihaljevic mihall mihalop mihan mihara mihell mihels mihelson mihigan mihil mihill mihlenstedt mihol miholl mihomme mihra miitchell mijinska mijouain mijs mijse mikael mikaelian mikal mikalich mikalier mikalofsky mikalsen mikami mikardo mikawe mike mikeham mikel mikelberge mikelbergh mikelbred mikelbrok mikelegate mikelesehal mikeleslad' mikeleye mikelfeld mikelfelde mikelfen mikelfeud mikelfeude mikelgat mikelgate mikelham mikell mikellfeld mikellove mikellymbergh mikelove mikelton mikelwoode miken mikeson mikhail mikhailoff mikhel mikhorne miki mikilfed mikillove mikimoto mikin mikisch mikita mikkefeld mikkelhill mikkelsen mikkelson miklam miklaw miklay mikle miklebroke mikleker miklethwate miklewright miko mikoczynski mikolajewski mikolajunas mikovinii mikshis miktchell mikula mikulecky mikulton mikultone mikylbroke mikylby mikylthwate mil mila milache milacombe milad milaes milam milan miland milander milanes milanesi milani milan-kamski milano milanovic milans milansheg milaom milar milard milarick milatoch milatone milavsky milayeff milback milbake milbanck milbanckes milbank milbanke milbankes milbanks milbank-smith milbank-watson milbard milbe milber milbere milberry milbery milbnak milbnorn milborn milborne milborrow milbourn milbournbe milbourne m'ilboy milbrant milbree milbrey milbridge milbrn milb'rn milbroke milbron milbrooke milburn milburne milburns milbury milby milcahey milce milceart milcent milch milcham milchap milchard milcheburne milchem milchen milchener milcher milcherd m'ilchere milchiker milchrist milchrst milcksop milcombe milcovich milcoxon milcoy milcrest milczarek milczewski mild mildahl mildar milde mildeburn mildeby mildecombe mildecoumbe mildecumb mildecumb' mildehaule mildelton mildeman mildemay mildemore milden mildenale mildenall mildener mildenhal mildenhal' mildenhale mildenhall mildenham mildenstn milder mildern milders mildert mildert van mildesham mildew mildewell mildham mildinhale mildinhall mildish mildmaie mildman mildmay mildmaye mildmey mildnall mildner mildon mildonhall m'ildonick m'ildoon mildore m'ildowie mildrain mildram mildred mildreda mildren mildreth mildridge mildrom mildron mildrope mildrum mildrun mildrup mildryth milds m'ilduff mildus mildwater mildwaters mildway mile mileady milean mileborne milebourne mileburn mileburne milefanti mileford mileforde mileforth milegan mileham mileikowski milein milem mileman milen milener milenkovic milent milentijevic milenty miler mileres milers miles miles-atkinson miles-bailey miles-cadman milesent milesento mileshouer milesi miles-johnson mileson miles-sharp milessonmayden miles-sterling miles-stirling mileston mileston' milestone milesweller milet milethorn milethorn' mileti mileto mileton miletone milett miletti mileward milewater milewski miley milez milfaick milfeild milfield milford milford-cottam milforde milford-smith milforth milgat milgate milger milgley milgraum milgreave milgrew milgrom milgrove milhado milham m'ilhanny m'ilharg m'ilhargey m'ilhatton milhench m'ilheney m'ilhenny m'ilheron milhofer milholland milholm m'ilhon m'ilhone milhous milhouse milhoven milhuisen milhuish milhum milia miliam milian miliani milianowicz miliar miliard miliaressis milias milibank milibanke milibar milic milican milicent milich milichmp milicia milid milidis milidy milieres miliers miliffe miligan miligen milik milikin milimer milin milindar miline miliner milington milingtonus milins milinton milioly milionake milioun milis milisant milisaunt milisent milisenta milish milison military milito militon milium milius milivard milk milkandbred milkaw milke milkegos milkehouse milkel' milkele milkelege milkeleye milkellfelde milkerwictz milkes milkesham milkesop milkester milketon milkfeild milkin milkina milkine milkinge milkins milkle milkman milko milkowitz milks milkshop milksop milksopp milksopp' milksoppe milkum milkylbyll mill milla millachip millachop millad millaert millagan millage millagh millah millair millaird millais millam millams millan milland millander millane millanesi millank millar millara millard millardc millards millard-thompson millariis millark millars millart millar-watson millas millaston millat millaton millatone millatr millatt millaud millauny millauro millaward millaway millay millayn millayne millbanck millbancke millband millbank millbanke millbanks millbarn millber millborn millborne millbourn millbourne millb'rn millburn millburne millchap millchapp millchiker millchop millder milldr milldram mille millea m'illeanen millear' milleard millebeau milleborn milleborne milleburn milleburne milleby millecent millechamp millechap milleden milledg milledge milledy milleer milleford milleforde millegain millegan millegate millegen milleham milleken millekin millem milleman millemat millemuth millen millenan millenbach millench millener millenfen millengen millenger millenor millens millensted millenton miller miller' miller-barstow miller-brown millerc millerchip millercohen millerd miller-dendy millere milleres milleret millergardner millergate millergh miller-hallett millerick millerie miller-ingleby millerjeavons miller-jones miller-logan millerman millermills millermoore miller-mundy millero millerois milleroyes millerr millerrawson millers millersh millership miller-smith millerson miller-stirling millert millertiller miller-wallnutt miller-waugh miller-williams millerwood millery milleryoung milles millesent millesente milles-lade milleson millesone milless millessone millest millet milleto milleton milletone millett milletts milleuish millevashe millever milleward millewarde millewen millewis milley milleye millfield millford millgate millgite millgone millgrove millham millheugh millhewes millhill millhoff millholland millhollon millhouse millhowse milli milliachap milliaco milliage milliams millian milliar milliard milliband millican millicans-khan millicent millichamp millichampe millichamps millichap millichapp millicheap millicheape millichip millichop millichope millick millidge millidgeputman millidon millie millier millierd milliere millieres milliers millier-wood millies millifan millifield milliga milligain milligan milligand milligane milliganstrachan milligant milligatt millige milligen milligin milligon millihan millijen millijin millikan millikar milliken milliken-smith millikin millikine millik'n millikyn millillie millim milliman millin millinan millinchip millinder millineau millineaux milliner millineux milling milling' millingan millingchamp millingden millinge millingen millinger millingeton millingham millinghop' millingre millings millingshamp millington millington-buck millington-drake millingtone millinis millinish millins millinsen millinship millinson millint millinton millintoun milliogton million millions millioton milliott m'illireach m'illiriack millirs millis millisent millish millisom millison milliss millisshap millist millit millitent milliter milliton millitt milliup milliz millken milllar millmaker millman millmann millmer millmore millmoth milln millne millner millnes millney millnor millnr millns millo millochau milloigan millom millome millon millons millor millord millors millos millot millotson millott millow milloway millowney milloy millpalmer millr millray m'illre m'illree millrer millress millridge m'illrie millroad millrop millross millroy m'illroy millrr mills mills-baker mills-barber millscott millsd millseck millsham millshorp millslyne millso millsom millsome millson millson-oram millsop mills-owens millspace mills-palmer millspaugh mills-roberts millss millstaed millstead millsted millston millstone millstreet millsum millthorpe millton milltown milluish millum millus millvill millward millwater millwaters millway millwell millwich millwood millwright milly millyan millyard millyes millyneux millyng millyngton millyon millys millzner m'ilmale milman milmay milmer milmes milmesson milmet milmine milmo milmoe milmon milmore m'ilmorrow milmoth milmouth milmow m'ilmoyle milms miln milnar milnaux milnbe milnbek milnber milne milneburne milne-davidson milne-henry milne-home milnehouses milnemilner milner milner-barry milner-brown milnere milne-redhead milneresone milneressone milner-jones milner-moore milnerney milners milnerson milnersone milner-walker milner-white milnerwrightson milnerwyf milnes milnes-coates milnes-gaskell milnesheghe milne-smith milneson milness milnes-smith milnestrait milnet milne-thompson milne-thomson milnethorp milnethorpe milneward milne-watson milney m'ilney milngate milnhall milnhouse milnner m'ilnoe milnor milnr milnres milns milnscip milnthorp milnthorpe milo milojevic milojkovitch milon milone milord miloro miloroy milos miloslavsky milossovich milot milott milow milows m'ilquham m'ilquhan milra milrae milrain m'ilraith m'ilrath milray milre milrea milrede milree m'ilree m'ilreoch milreth milrey milrick milrod milrood milrore milrose milross milroth milroy m'ilroy milroy-hayes mils milsam milsan milsean milsen milseng milsent milsham milsington milsingtown milsintown milsmay milsom milsome milsomfield milson milsone milsonson milsop milss milsson milst milstead milsted milstein milster milsto milston milstone milsum milsup milszrajn milt milteadez miltecumbe milter milthbourn milthorp milthorpe milthrop milthrope miltinburg miltinchamp miltne milton milton' milton-brown milton-cole miltone miltonkeinys milton-tayler milton-thompson miltoun miltown miltrado miltz miluerth miluerton miluerton' milum m'ilur'ith milurne milva milvain m'ilvain milvaine m'ilvaine m'ilvane m'ilvanny milvean milveen m'ilveen m'ilvenna m'ilvenny m'ilvernon milverton milvill milville m'ilvinna m'ilvogue m'ilvraid m'ilvride milwain m'ilwain m'ilwaine milward milwardayn milwarde milward-oliver milwardvhill milwater milway m'ilwee milwell m'ilwhain milwham m'ilwham milwood milwoode milworth m'ilwraith m'ilwrath milwrick m'ilwrick milwright milxam milxan milyard milyers milyngton milys milz mimack mimardiere mimaur mimba mimbrey mimcock mime mimeca' mimecan mimede mimee mimekan mimell mimet mimey mimican mimick mimicke mimion mimis mimm mimmack mimmacks mimmelond mimmes mimmick mimminglonde mimmock mimmot mimms mimmyng mimmynglonde mimnagh mimnock mimocke mimot mimpess mimpress mimprest mimpris mimpriss mims mimslow mimthorpe min mina minadab minador minae minagawa minage minaham minahan minahane minahen minaids minal minaldi minall m'inally minaly minane minar minar' minard minardi minards minari minariis minary minas minasi minasian minassian minassiantz minassin minat minate minaut minay m'inbtosh minc mince minceaus mincent mincer minces mincey minch minchall mincham minchane minchar minchard minchaud mincheene minchein minchell minchella minchen minchener minchenton mincher mincheton minchew minchim minchin minchiner minching minchington minchins minchinton minchom minchull mincin mincing minciullo minck mincke mincken minckens minckey minckin mincks mincktoy minckwitz mincky mincofsky mincovitch mincur mind minde mindel mindelohn mindelsogn mindelsohn minden mindenhall mindenhold minder m'inder minderman mindermann mindes mindess mindham mindhope mindigo mindilovich mindim mindlesohn mindlevich mindline mindlingye mindoe m'indoe mindoire mindon m'indre mindry mindsent mindum mindy mine minear mineard minearius minecan mineer minefee minefreda minehan minehinton minekey mineli minell minelli minelsohn minem minemuwe minen miner miner' minerbi minerd minerds mineres m'inerheny minerie mineriis m'inerney m'inerny miners minerva mines minesinger minesty minet mineter mineteth mineto mineton mineton' minett minette minett-smith minety mineur mineville minevsky mineworth miney minfie minfield minford minfort ming mingail mingan mingana mingand mingard mingatroyd mingaud mingave mingay mingaye mingays minge mingeam mingen minger mingers minges minget mingey minggel mingham minghella mingheti minghetti minghy mingie mingings mingins mingles mingnot mingo mingot mingotti mings mingway mingy mingyi minhall minham minhannick minhas minhear minheer minheire minhinch minhinick minhiniet minhiniot minhinnett minhinnick minh-manh minhotte minhum minhy miniac miniach' miniardo miniati miniawy minich minichy minie minier minieres miniett minife minifee minifey minifie minifie-hawkins minifre minify minifye miniham minihan minihane minihaw miniken minikin minill' mininberg mining minini minins minion minions miniot miniott miniovitch minipriss minis minish minison miniss minister ministers ministrallus ministre minit miniter minithorpe minitry minitt miniussir minj minjo mink minke minkey minkin minkinney minkley minkoff minkovitch minks minkshlin minkshtin minlar m'inlay minle minler minley m'inley minlore m'inlosh minmarsh minn m'inn minnaar minnard minnas minnberson minne minneagh minneah minnear minnecan minnekeer minnell minneman minnen minnens minner minners minnery minnes m'innes minness m'inness minnet minnett minnette minnette-lucas minneville minney minnican minnice minnickendam minnie minniece minnies m'innies minnifie minnig minnigan minnigerode minnigin minnikan minniken minnikin minnikis minnim minning minnings minnion minnis m'innis minnish minniss minnissone minnister minnit minnithorpe minnithrope minnitor minnitt minno minnoch minnock minnoh minnot minnott minnow minns minnshull minnuick minny minoch minocha minocherhomji minock minoge minoggio minogue minohue minoli minon 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