Surnames beginning with Ba

Whether your name is a popular name such as Allen, Brown, Ford, or Jones or a particularly unusual and rare name we have useful records to help you with your ancestors search, family tree, family history and genealogy research.

Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Ba. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

ba baa baa' baab baac baace baache baack baacke baad baade baaden baader baaders baadger baaed baage baagoe baak baake baaker baakror baal baalam baale baalega baalham baalin baall baalliam baalon baalonio baalun baambach baan baanam baar baaram baard baard' baardman baardus baaren baarker baars baarsen baarsenburg baart baartman baartmans baas baasch baase baashaw baass baastrop baates baath baathe baatlett baatman baatsch baatte baattie baaucher baavent baay bab baba ba'ba' babacci babage babalola babam baban babandirwa babanou babant babapulle babar babason babatunde babaud babault babb babbage babbantyne babbau babbe babbecari babbecary babbedge babbegraue babbegrave babbelak babbele babber babberah babbes babbethorp babbethorp' babbethorpe babbett babbeworde babbeworth babbeworthe babbewrthe babbewurth babbey babbham babbicom babbicum babbidge babbige babbin babbinge babbingel' babbingelleya babbingle babbings babbington babbinson babbit babbitt babbngton babbott babbrick babbridge babbs babbuge babbunglay babby babbyngle babbyngton babcary babcock babcooke babden babe babebrave babecki babegraue babeham babel babelaine babell babelo baben babenay baber baberg' baberstock babes babeson babet babethorpe babeton babewin' babey babgrave babham babic babidge babier babil babin babineau babing babingel' babingele babinger babingle babinglee babingon babingt'n babington babington-smith babinton babinton' babir babister babits bablake bable bablett bablich bablon babne babon babonau baboneau baboo baboolal babor baborn baborr babos babossia babot babott babou babour baboy babraham babram babring babrow babs babsky babson babst babster babsterre babstock babthorp babthorpe babtian babtie babtis babtist babtista babu babuc babuez babulie babullia baburam baburger baburgere babus babusiau babut babworth baby babyngle babyngton babynton babyr bac bac' bacal bacalan bacalau bacaler' bacalon bacar bacare bacarese bacarn bacas bacasky bacatan bacatenia baccani baccarn baccas baccatenia baccelli baccers bacchaus bacchen bacchilega bacchini bacchues bacchurs bacchus baccigaluppi baccino bacciocchi bacciocco baccioci baccon bacconsall baccote baccumbe baccus bace bacekee bacelwoldenn bacen bacerell bace-roberts bacey bacez bacford bach bacha bachael bacham bachampton bachamton bachamton' bachan bachand bachanton bacharach bachard bachardeby bachaspati bachcoft bache bachecot bachecote bachecroft bachefort bachegraua bache-griffiths bachekinton bachekynton bachel bachel' bachelar bachelard bachelard' bachelder bacheldon bacheleare bachelee bachelel bacheler bachelere bachelet bachelett bachelier bachell bachelle bacheller bachellier bachellor bachelor bachelour bachel'r bacheman bacheme bachemo bacheneel bachepuz bacher bacherer bachero bachers bachert baches bachessor bachesworth bachet bachewell bacheworth bachewrth bachewurth bachewurth' bachhoffner bachhouse bachie bachiene bachiere bachiler bachiller bachilli bachillor bachillur bachilr' bachin bachinden bachindon bachini bachinius bachino bachisworth bachkon bachler bachley bachlor bachmair bachman bachmanis bachmann bachner bachoffen bachoffner bachon bachone bachonethorpe bachop bachope bachour bachous bachouse bachowse bachrach bachrack bachrah bachren bachrich bachs bachsett' bachtin bachton bachup bachur bachurst bachus bachway bachyme bacin bacina back backall backaller backan backar backarach backarn backarne backart backas backatt backaueler backaveler backbrg backburn backcoller backe backeberg backechilde backee backeham backelegh backeler backell backells backelman backelsham backen backenan backenbury backener backenstoe backer backerall backerfueld backerleg backers backerson backerum backervelle backes backesscholf backestare backester backet backett backetter backewell backey backford backham backhampton backhan backhand backhard backhaus backhauser backhelts backhoff backhoffner backholder backholen backholer backholt backhose backho'se backhoue backhous backhouse backhousebacon backhowe backhowse backhoyse backhurdon backhurst backhus backhuys backie backinan backinbury backing backingham backinsell backion backisith backitt backlake backlam backlaw backlay backle backlebridge backledge backler backlers backless backlet backlett backley backlie backlog backlor backlund backly backman backmann backmaster backmeister backmer backminder backmn backnell backner backock backoffer backoke backon backop backose backous backouse backrach backran backrath backrell backrow backs backsendale backshall backshaw backshell backshom backshyll backslay backsley backson backstaffe backstay backsteen backster backstock backstraw backstrm backstrow backter backton backtrowt backus backwall backway backwell backwellk backwell-smith backwerll backwith backworth backys bacl bacland baclay bacle bacleford bacleond bacler baclos baclup bacmeister bacmistier bacn bacnard bacock bacoin bacolay bacom bacomb bacon bacon' baconal bacon-armstrong bacone baconesthorp bacon-grey bacon-habell baconhulle baconn bacon-philips bacon-phillips bacons baconsthorp baconthorp baconthorpe bacor bacot bacotel bacott bacoun bacoune bacounesthorp bacounin bacount bacow bacpn bacq bacque bacquelle bacquet bacqueville-pieters bacrac bacsate bacselve bacshet bacshet' bacshete bacstar bacster bacstere bactire bacton bacton' bactrum bactzer bacum bacun bacunestorp bacunstorp bacur bacwell bacwell' bacworth bacwyll bacx bacy bacyn baczek bad bada badaguley badaley badalt badam badami badams badan badansky badaracco badarany badard badart badaruddin badau badaway badawy badbin badburgeha' badburgeham badburgham badburn badbury badby badbye badc'ck badccke badcick badciock badcliff badcliffe badco badcock badcocke badcocks badcocl badcoe badcok badcoke badcook badd baddaford baddalee baddaley baddaly baddam baddams badde baddebi baddebir' baddebiry baddebur' baddebury baddeby baddele baddeleg' baddeleghe baddelesmere baddeleswurth baddeley baddeleye baddeleys baddell baddellesmere baddellet baddelly baddely baddelye badden baddenbury baddenham baddens badder badderford badderley badderly baddern baddesey baddeseye baddesforth baddeshawe baddesheye baddesle baddesley baddesore baddestane baddeston baddeswell baddesworth baddeswurd baddewe baddeworth baddey baddeyn baddick baddicot baddie baddiel baddiford baddiley baddily baddin badding baddington baddison baddisson baddiston baddlely baddlesmere baddley baddly baddock baddocke baddoke baddom baddon baddos badds baddy baddyng bade badeberia badeb'ia badebir' badebiri badebnoch badeburham badeby badecak badecock badecok badecoke badecombe badecot badecumb badees badefeld badefol badeford badefou badehal' badeham badeketon badekyn badel badel' badele badeledun badelee badeleg' badelekyng' badelemare badelesmar' badelesmare badelesmer badelesmera badelesmere badelet badeley badelino badelismere badelking badelkingge badell badelly badelmere badelott badely badelyf badelys badem bademaker badembergh bademere baden badenach badenagh badenesmare baden-fuller badenhal badenhal' badenhale badenham badenhop badenhope badenhorst badenhurst' badeni badenil badenne badenoch badenock badenoih badenouth baden-powell badenscoth badeock bader baderby baderesby baderich baderle baderon baderoun badersby baderse baderun badery baderych bades badesden badesell badesford badesham badesheye badeshull badesl' badeslegh badesley badesleye badesmar' badessay badestan badeston badestone badesworth badetti badeuent badevent badevyle badew' badewe badewell badeweye badewode badeworthi badewyn badey badez badfield badford badfosse badgar badgate badge badgeley badgely badgen badgent badgeott badger badgerow badgers badgery badges badget badgett badghot badghott badgier badgley badham badhams badham-thornhill badhan badhe badher badhni badhuwalla badhwar badialton badian badie badier badiffe badighull badileg' badiley badillo badillu badilow badily badimer badin bading badingefeld badingham badinghull' badington badini badinoch badinock badinton' badioli badiou badirun badison badiston badix badjanovski badjeant badkin badkoc badkyn badlade badlake badland badlay badle badlesmere badley badlington badlow badluck badly badman badmaryng badmering badmin badmington badminton badmn badmore badmygthon badmynt' badmynton badnache badnage badnal badnall badnaye badnedge badnege badnel badnell badnem badner badnettis badnidge badnock bado badoaro badock badois badollet badon badon' badonach badone badouin badow badowe badran badray badre badr-el-din badresby badreun badri badricheseie badrick badridas badrinath badripp badrock badrockk badros badru badrul-islam badrych badsey badsford badshah badshaw badslade badsley badson badsonm badsworth badt badua badual baduar badue baduel baduent baduley badupp badwan badwe badwell badwick badwicke badworth badworthy bady badyer badymynton badyngham badyngton badynton badys badzioch badzzdrow bae baeber baech baeck baecke baecker baedelesmere baedeley baedman baeens baeer baehoner baehr baehren baeker bael baelden baele baelen baeleto baellew baelun baelz baemeister baemuir baen baenburc baenburc' baendale baender baenerman baensch baentona baenuill' baenziger baer baerd baerle baerlein baerlet baernard baerne baernett baer-paige baerr baerselman baersenburgh baert baertling baertman baertmans baes baesa baeschlin baesh baeshe baesjou baeslee baesley baesmore baete baetens baetie baeton baetson baeuse baever baewky baexter baeyens baeyertz baeza baf bafard bafarn bafeley bafeme bafes baff baffa baffall baffar baffarom baffe baffi baffignac baffin bafford bafforti baffott baffour baffron baffter baffton bafignac bafiniac bafirawala bafoot baford baforn bafron bafster bafton bafwerman bag baga bagad bagadade bagalah bagalay bagaley bagallay bagam bagar bagard bagarley bagarolli bagart bagary bagat bagatt bagbie bagby bagchee bagchi bagd bagdam bagdatopulo bagden bagder bage bagebere bagecroft baged' bagedestone bagedon bagedrup bagedrupe bagedun bageford bagehole bagehot bagehots bagehurst bagehurste bagel bagel' bagelay bageley bagelgette bagell bagelman bagelmann bagely bageman bagemer bagenal bagenald bagenall bagenden bagenderby bagendon bagenelle bagenett bagenhall bagenham bagenhold bagenholt bagenoll bagenolt bagent bageon bageoun bagepath bagepip bagepuiz bagepuz bager bagerial bagerley bagerson bagerstaff bagerugge bages bagesete bageshet bageshwari bageslowe bagesoure bagesset' bagestone bagesworth baget bagethorp bagetrope bagett bagewitz bageworthy bageya bageys bagfflete bagfield bagford bagg bagga baggaallay baggage baggahus baggal' baggalay baggalea baggaley baggalins baggallay baggallays baggalley baggally baggalow baggaly baggante baggany baggar baggard baggard' baggaridge baggarley baggarly baggatt baggby bagge baggeallay baggebir' baggeby baggeden baggedrib baggedrippe baggeflet baggeford baggeherst baggel' baggelay baggele baggeleg' baggelegh baggeleh baggeley baggelley baggelone baggemer baggemere baggenhall baggepathe baggepuz bagger baggeredge baggeridge baggerley baggerly baggerygge bagges baggesagh baggeschet baggeschete baggesen baggeshagh baggeshet baggeshete baggesley baggesore baggesouere baggesour' baggesoure baggesovere baggesovre baggesshagh baggeston baggestone bagget baggethorp baggetorre baggetreppe baggett baggeworth baggeworthe baggewurth bagghull baggie baggiley baggilhole baggill baggilu baggin baggindene baggindon bagging baggingeden baggingedon baggingewurth baggings baggini baggins baggis baggishore bagglalay baggley baggnall baggnell baggnett baggod' baggode baggoley baggolley baggor baggot baggott baggridge baggriff baggs baggshaw baggtor baggueley bagguler bagguley baggullay baggully bagguly baggunney baggwell bagh bagham baghan baghaw baghay baghdikian baghe baghel baghel singh rajkumar baghey baghill baghino bagholst baghot baghot-de baghot-delabere baghott baghton baghurst baghus baghyll bagiley bagilhole bagilholl bagill bagillhall bagillt bagin baginden bagingeden bagingedene bagingholt baginhold baginholte bagis bagisch bagisore baglan bagland baglavy baglay bagle baglee baglees baglehole baglejolt bagler bagley bagliano baglietto baglin bagling baglins baglite baglole baglow bagly bagman bagmere bagn bagnagatti bagnal bagnald bagnale bagnall bagnalle bagnallgeary bagnall-oakeley bagnall-wild bagnasco bagne bagnel bagnell bagnelle bagneol bagnet bagnett bagni bagnicki bagniol bagniouz bagnley bagnol bagnold bagnolde bagnole bagnolesi bagnoll bagnolo bagnon bagnor bagnos bagnot bagnoux bago bagod bagohan bagold bagoley bagolt bagon bagorley bagot bagot' bagotby bagot-chester bagote bagoth bagott bagott' bagotte bagoun bagpuze bagra bagram bagrant bagray bagridge bagrie bagrowicz bags bagschaghe bagschete bagset bagsete bagsett bagsha bagshaaw bagshall bagshave bagshavus bagshaw bagshawe bagshey bagshot bagshote bagshott bagshow bagsjaw bagstay bagste bagster bagter bagthaite bagthorpe bagthwaite bagtor baguaras bague baguel bagueley baguely bagueres bagueret bagues baguiness bagul bagula bagulay bagule bagulegh baguley baguleyghe bagulley baguly bagulys baguos bagust bagutzky bagwel bagwell bagwell-purefoy bagwill bagwith bagwitt bagwood bagworth bagworthe bagy bagylegh bagyley bagynden bagyndene bagyndon bah bahadar bahader bahadhurji bahadur bahadurjee bahadurji bahaham baham bahan bahanna bahar baharav bahardurji baharee baharic baharie baharrell baha-ud-din bahbucke bahe bahede baher bahere bahesh' bahey bahgat bahhs bahi bahia bahin bahius bahl bahlbrick bahlcke bahlsen bahm bahn bahna bahnan bahns baho bahou bahr bahram bahran bahre bahree bahrenburg bahri bahs bahshaw bahull bahworth bahyrycz bai baia baiard baiard' baibley baibulloc baichan baicis baicley baico baicote baid baide baiden baidge baidir baidoe baidone baidya baiecis baielaie baienuill' baier baiersdorf baiese baieun baieux baifeld baifot baig baigant baige baigeant baigel baigen baigent baiger baigh baighaw baighe baighton baigie baigioni baiglholl baignard baignioux baignoles baignoulx baignoux baigoo baigray baigre baigree baigrie baigross baigue baihar baihous baihton baii baiire baij baijal baije baijent baijer baijnath baikaloff baikater baikbie baike baiker baikervie baikhouse baikie bail bail' bailand bailarch bailas bailay bailbolf bailbull bailby bailden baildes baildham baildn baildon baildor baildwenn baile bailee baileff bailegh bailem baileman bailen bailer bailery bailes bailesford bailess baileuy bailev bailey bailey-churchill bailey-dellar baileye bailey-hawkins bailey-king baileys bailey-thomson bailey-watson bailey-watts bailey-whincup bailford bailhache bailham bailhocke bailhon bailie bailie-hamilton bailie-lindsay bailier bailies bailif bailife bailiff bailiffe bailing bailinson bailion bailis bailiss bailivard bailkey baill baill' baillache baillargeon baillass baille bailleau baillebeu baillee baillehach baillehache baillel baillemont baillen bailleol baillergeane baillergeau bailles baillet bailleul bailley bailli bailliau baillie baillie-graham baillie-grohman baillie-hamilton baillie-hill baillieman bailliere baillie-ritchie baillies baillie-saunders baillieu baillieux baillif baillife bailliffe baillifson bailling baillio bailliol bailliolet bailliolf bailliolo baillion baillis baillkie bailllass bailloel bailloel' baillof baillof' bailloil bailloil' baillol baillol' baillolet baillolf bailloll bailloll' baillon baillor baillot baillou bailloul baillour bailluel baillur bailly baillyay baillye baillyf bailman bailol bailolet bailons bailop bailore bailot bailouin bailow bails bailsert bailsford bailson bailston bailt bailton bailul bailund bailur bailward bailwark baily bailyb bailye bailyff bailys bailyss bailz baimbridge baimond baimsleve baimworth bain bainald bainam bainard bainard' bainardus bainborough bainbow bainbrdg bainbrdge bainbrick bainbridg bainbridge bainbridge-bell bainbridgg bainbrifge bainbrig bainbrige bainbrigg bainbrigge bainbriggs bainbrios baince bainchi baind baindeky baine bainebrigg bainebury baineham bainell bainer bainers baines baines-hewitt bainess bainester bainevill bainfeild bainfield bainflet bainford bainforth baingent bainger bain-gray baington bainhale bainham bainie bainier baininge bainks bainllman bainmes bainnard bains bainsa bainsbridge bainsfield bainsforth bains-hewitt bainshire bainsley bain-smith bainson bainster bainszu baint baintas bainthe bainton baintonm baintun bainyie baioc baioc' baiocensis baiocis baioley baion' baiona baione baionia baionis baioun baiour baious baiouse baiquil bair bairbone bairbridge bairclough baird baird-drennan bairden bairdey bairdie baird-murray bairdow bairds baird-smith bairdszerelmey baire bairead bairehead bairement bairey bairgrie bairing bairke bairlay bairly bairmer bairn bairncoat bairne bairner bairnes bairnesfather bairnfather bairnis bairns bairnsfather bairnson bairs bairsbridge bairslow bairstaw bairsto bairston bairstons bairstow bairstowe bairun bairwick bais baisbeck baisbrown baisburne baisby baisden baisdon baise baiseballe baisebell' baisey baisfield baisford baish baisham baishaunte baishe baisle baisler baisley baislie baisly baismore baison baispoole baiss baissac baisse baissier baissner baisson baist baistaim baistard baister baiston baistone baistow baistrown baisy baisyon bait baitailhe baitaille baitan baite baiteman baites baiteson baitey baith baithe baithel baither baithie baitiup baitjer baitler baitley baitlin baitman baiton baitross baitry baits baitson baitsone baitt baittelay baittie baitts baitup baitupp baity baiu baiuel baiuley baiun baius baiuse baivent baivers baivilk baiville baiwich baiw'rth baiwrthe baizar baize baizeley baizey baizley baizon baizoy bajaj bajard bajee bajekal bajer bajirao bajkov bajlis bajorek bajpai bajra bajray bajube bajwa bak bakaeff bakajwara bakala bakalinike bakall bakan bakar bakare bakas bakayana bakband bakbroune bakcon bakdry bakdyngham bake bakeber' bakeberge bakebus bakechi bakechill bakeer bakefald' bakefield bakeham bakehampton' bakeholde bakeholder bakehous bakehouse bakehowse bakehurst bakejouse bakel bakeler bakelere bakeley bakelock bakemah bakeman bakemora baken bakendale bakenere bakenesthorp bakenham bakenho bakeno bakenton bakepol bakepuiz bakepus bakeputz bakepuys bakepuz baker baker' baker baker baker-baker baker-bates baker-beall baker-burton baker-byrne bakerc baker-carr baker-cox baker-cresswell baker-creswell bakerdike bakere bakerelli baker-falkner bakerill bakerisleghe bakerleg bakerman bakern bakernapton bakeroff baker-penoyre bakerr baker-rendell baker-rowe bakers baker-smith bakert bakerus bakerville bakerwell baker-wilbraham bakes bakeshal' bakesman bakeson bakestan bakester bakester' bakestere bakestoman bakeston bakestonden bakestr' bakestre bakeswell baket ba-ket bakethorp baketon baketon' baketone baketour baketun bakeus bakewell bakewell' bakewelle bakeworth bakey bakford bakger bakhall bakham bakhampton bak-hap bakhar bakhat bakher bakhle bakhoum bakhous bakhouse bakhowse bakhru bakhsh bakhshi bakht bakhtisr-lebedeff bakhus baki bakic bakie bakin bakinghech bakinne bakinton bakirgian bakis bakistere bakiston bakk bakkain bakkar bakke bakken bakker bakkern bakkes bakkianadhan bakkr bakler bakly bakman bako bakon bakons bakotich bakoun bakour bakowiec bakpuz bakr bakre bakrer bakry baks bakscht baksh bakshi baksi baksnothe bakstanclyff bakster bakstonedane bakstove bakstre baktawar bakton baktone bakuel bakun bakundesle bakune bakunesthorp bakushewitz bakwaise bakwell bakworth bakwylle bakyer bakyll bakystere bal bal' bala balaam balaane balaba balaban balabanian balabhai balachey balack baladiga baladin balaeto balagade balagni balagny balaguant balaguiere balain balaine balais balaji balak balakerski balakleisky balakrishnan balali balam balamy balan balanbyz balance balancer baland balandreau balandrie balandry balangero balanhard balania balanner balans balant balanteen balantine balantinev balantyne balar balaram balard balarde balardus balargent balarino balarsky balasingam balasis balaskas balassa balastarius balasubramaniam balasubramanian balasubramanyam balasundaram balasunderam balasuriya balasuriyar balasyse balaszeskul balat balate balath balaunce balauncer balaunt balawdrie balayne balazs balb balbach balbage balbaine balban balbani balbanie balbanus balbany balbarney balbarny balbe balben balberney balbernie balberny balbes balbeski balbi balbiani balbington balbino balbirne balbirnie balbirny balbis balbitruss balbo balboa balbock balboni balborda balborowe balbreny balbrok balbrooke balburgham balburnie balbus balby balcacole balcam balcanqual balcanquall balcanquhal balcanquhall balcarras balcarres balcarris balcase balcaska balcetti balch balchache balchawe balche balchen balcher balches balchetz balchier balchil balchild balchill balchin balchine balchins balchiry balcholm balchs balchun balcim balck balckbourne balckburne balcke balck-foote balckmore balckwell balcock balcoe balcohes balcok balcoke balcolm balcoln balcom balcomb balcombe balcombe-brown balcomy balcon balconie balconquall balconquqll balcorahihg' balcoumbe balcoun balcromvy balcross balcurney bald bald' baldac baldaca baldacchino baldacci baldack baldaeus baldak baldam baldamus baldan baldare baldaro baldarson baldassarra baldavie balday baldayn baldazar baldbody baldchild baldchin baldcock balddewene balddeyn balddwin balde baldecole baldecot baldedy baldefardt baldehale baldek baldele baldelli baldeloc baldelot baldeman baldement baldemere baldemeshale balden baldenhal baldenhale baldeo balder baldera balderamos balderaue balderay balderby balderich balderick baldericke baldero balderoe balderough balderrama balders baldersby balderse baldersome balderson balderstaine balderstn balderst'n balderston balderstone balderstow balderton balderton' baldery balderyk baldes baldeseye baldesing baldesis baldesmere baldeston 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