Surnames beginning with Ox

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Below are all of the names contained in our database that begin with Ox. Click any of the names to find records referencing that name.

ox oxag oxan oxanbridge oxanford oxanfordie oxard oxarde oxberry oxbeta oxborn oxborough oxboroughe oxborow oxborowe oxborroghe oxborrow oxbourne oxbridge oxbrigge oxbrough oxbrow oxburg oxburgh oxburne oxbury oxby oxcenbridge oxcer oxcleve oxclif oxcliffe oxcliue oxclive oxclyf oxclyffe oxcroft oxden oxdon oxe oxebourgh oxebregge oxebrigg oxebroc oxebroch' oxebrygge oxeburc oxeburg oxeburg' oxeburgh oxeclif oxecliue oxeclive oxeclyf oxecroft oxecumbe oxeden oxedon oxedon' oxefot oxegate oxehage oxehaya oxehaye oxehirde oxelawe oxelby oxele oxeley oxeman oxembeer oxemford oxen oxenbeer oxenberg oxenberry oxenbine oxenbold oxenborough oxenbould oxenboulds oxenbreg oxenbrege oxenbregg oxenbregge oxenbridge oxenbrige oxenbrigg oxenbrigge oxenbrook oxenbrugge oxenbrydge oxenburgh oxenbury oxenby oxendale oxendall oxenden oxenden' oxendine oxendon oxendon' oxendone oxendun' oxene oxenecrofte oxeneford oxenefordie oxenen oxenerd oxenewich' oxeney oxeneye oxenfeild oxenfeld oxenfoord oxenford oxenforde oxenforth oxenhale oxenhall oxenham oxenhand oxenhead oxenherd oxenhey oxenheye oxenhgerd oxenhird oxenholme oxenhope oxenhoren oxenmbrigge oxennarde oxenoid oxenrede oxenrode oxenshaw oxensterne oxenstiern oxenstierna oxentem oxenthwaite oxenthwayth oxenton oxenwall oxenwell oxenwich oxer oxerode oxeteghe oxeton oxetoun oxewic oxewic' oxewich oxewike oxewyk oxey oxeye oxeys oxford oxforde oxforth oxfrd oxgerd oxhaie oxhaye oxheart oxhendun' oxhenham oxherd oxherde oxhindon oxhird oxholm oxholme oxhulne oxhyrd oxinbregg oxinbregge oxinbridge oxindem oxinden oxindon oxindon' oxinef' oxineford oxinhird oxinton oxisterne oxlad oxladd oxlade oxlaid oxland oxlard oxlarde oxle oxlead oxlebar oxlee oxleghe oxler oxley oxley-boyle oxleydzo oxley-sidey oxliffe oxlin oxloard oxlord oxlrade oxly oxman oxmantown oxmer oxmon oxnam oxnamsaid oxnard oxneforde oxner oxnerd oxnet oxneye oxon oxon' oxonbridge oxonbrige oxonbrigge oxoneford oxonford oxonia oxor oxpring oxpringe oxselve oxsendon oxski oxspring oxspringe oxspryng oxstaby oxsted oxstede oxsteseye oxston oxstoun oxsulve oxsynney oxtabie oxtable oxtaby oxted oxten oxteseye oxtin oxtingford oxtoby oxton oxtone oxtoner oxtorp oxvrde oxwich oxwick oxwicke oxwike oxwin oxworth oxworthy oxwwicke oxwyk oxx oxxeneye oxynbregge oxynbrygge oxynden oxyndon oxynford oxynhyrd

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