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Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'custes'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 3 records (displaying 1 to 3): 

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Inhabitants of London (1275-1298)
Liber Horn or the Lesser Black Book, now known as Letter Book A of the City of London contains enrolments of recognizances between inhabitants, particularly citizens, for sums of money lent or due; grants of pieces of land or property; and various records relating to the city administration. The letter books are so called because they were lettered from A to Z and from AA to ZZ, not because they were books of letters. Letter Book A was edited by Reginald R. Sharpe for the corporation and printed in 1899.

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Inhabitants of London
English Charters (1200-1500)
A large accumulation of documents preserved in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, formerly constituted the antiquarian collections of Anthony a Wood, Roger Dodsworth, Ralph Thoresby, Thomas Martin of Palgrave, Thomas Tanner bishop of St Asaph, Dr Richard Rawlinson, Richard Furney archdeacon of Surrey, and Richard Gough. A calendar of these was prepared by William H. Turner and published in 1878 under the title 'Calendar of Charters and Rolls preserved in the Bodleian Library'. The word 'charters' is here used in a very general sense, including virtually any manuscript or copy of a manuscript, but the bulk of the contents consists of mediaeval deeds of conveyance. Turner's calendar deals with each briefly, naming the principal parties and the nature of the deed, but hardly ever lists the witnesses. Many of these charters were undated (dating of deeds did not become standard until around 1350) or so damaged or defective ('mutilated' is Turner's usual description) as no longer to display a legible date. However, he contrived, from the style of the script and/or the nature of the contents, to estimate dates in such cases. Some such as these remain undated; they are mostly from 1200 to 1500, but may be earlier or later. Sometimes the county to which a document is related was not readily identifiable, so we have grouped these as merely 'English Charters'.

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English Charters
Irish Clergy and Gentlemen Discountenancing Vice (1822)
The Association Incorporated for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge and Practice of the Christian Religion had an extensive membership in Ireland, of which this list was published as the 13th appendix to a Sermon preached before the members and their president, the Lord Lieutenant, in St Peter's church by Charles R. Elrington, D. D., his chaplain. The list gives each member's full name, surname first, with the year of admission to the society. This index also covers the fourteenth appendix, listing the members' subscriptions received in 1821, but some for previous years' arrears as far back as 1817, and whether paid in diocesan committees or in Dublin. Most of the members were gentlemen or clergy.

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Irish Clergy and Gentlemen Discountenancing Vice

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