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Ruault Surname Ancestry Results

Our indexes 1000-1999 include entries for the spelling 'ruault'. In the period you have requested, we have the following 4 records (displaying 1 to 4): 

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Ambassadors, ministers, soldiers and spies (1547-1553)
The State Papers Foreign of king Edward VI consist mainly of letters and reports concerning England's relations with continental Europe, particularly the Netherlands and France. This calendar was edited by William B. Turnbull and published under the direction of the Master of the Rolls in 1861. The main text (to page 290) is abstracts of 710 letters from official correspondents abroad; but the remainder of the volume, entitled Calais Papers, deals with the English enclaves on the French coast.

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Ambassadors, ministers, soldiers and spies
Schoolmasters, governors and patrons of schools and children's charities (1841)
Officials, masters and assistants of Winchester College, Eton College, Manchester School, St Paul's School, Mercers Grammar School, Christ's Hospital, Merchant Taylors School, Etwall and Repton Incorporated Hospital and School, St Saviour's Grammar School (Southwark), Harrow School, Westminster College, Rugby School, Shrewsbury School, St Olave's Grammar School, Saint Margaret's Hospital (Westminster), Charter House, Camberwell Free Grammar School, Dulwich College, Beccles School, Archbishop Tenison's Grammar School and Library, Blue Coat School (Westminster), Grey Coat Hospital School (Westminster), St David's College (Lampeter), Raine's Charities, the Orphan Working School, Welsh Charity School, Asylum for the Support and Education of the Deaf and Dumb Children of the Poor; Philological School; School for Indigent Blind; Philanthropic Society; St Ann's Society Schools; London Hibernian Society for Establishing Schools and Circulating the Holy Scriptures in Ireland; City of London School of Instruction and Industry; British and Foreign School Society; the Corporation of the Caledonian Asylum for Supporting and Educating the Children of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Natives of Scotland, and of Indigent Scotch Parents, Resident in London, not Entitled to Parochial Relief; London Orphan Asylum; the Adult Orphan Institution for the Relief and Education of the Friendless and Unprotected Daughters of Clergymen of the Established Church &c.; the Irish Society of London for Promoting the Education of the Native Irish through the Medium of their own Language; the Benevolent Society of St Patrick; the British Orphan Asylum; and the Infant Orphan Asylum, are listed in the Royal Kalendar.

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Schoolmasters, governors and patrons of schools and children's charities
Boys entering Harrow School (1869)
This First Volume of the Second Series of the Harrow School Register was edited by J. H. Stogdon and published in 1925. The boys are listed by term of entrance, and then alphabetically by surname and christian names (in bold). Next, in brackets and in italics, is the school house to which he belonged - or, H. B. indicating a day boy whose family lived in Harrow. Stogdon then gives the father's surname and initials, and address. In cases where the boy was prominent in sports at school, or won academic prizes, scholarships &c., that is given; then the year of leaving the school; and a synopsis of his career, so far as known.

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Boys entering Harrow School
London Telephone Subscribers (1939)
The London telephone directory lists subscribers alphabetically by surname and then by christian name or initials, with their postal address and telephone number. This is the L to Z directory issued in May 1939, but also contains some names from earlier in the alphabet, for instance in the separate section for midwives. The London telephone districts comprised not only the city centre, but also the very extensive suburbs in the Home Counties (Essex, Kent, Surrey and Middlesex).

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London Telephone Subscribers

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